brainMD Brain & Memory Power Boost

brainMD Brain & Memory Power Boost

Value for Money

4.5 /10

Formula Rating

5.5 /10

Risk of Side Effects

6.5 /10


  • Contains some good nootropics


  • Amino acids will have little impact
  • Lacks any real power
  • No massive focus booster


brainMD Brain & Memory Power Boost Review Summary

Our brainMD Brain & Memory Power Boost review was quite easy to write.

This is a very middle-of-the-road supplement; it doesn’t claim to do a great deal, and it delivers even less. The ingredients are all standard for modern nootropics. There’s no killer focus-booster, no long term memory-booster; to put it simply, there’s nothing particularly interesting in brainMD Brain & Memory Power Boost.

brainMD Brain & Memory Power Boost is, in our eyes, a stack full of good supporting nootropics, but it lacks any real kick. You can do much better, even if this is formulated by an MD.

Where To Buy brainMD Brain & Memory Power Boost

All of doctor Daniel’s products are sold through an official website, much to the horror of some of his colleagues. Most of these products seem to be listed on Amazon too.

Full brainMD Brain & Memory Power Boost Review

Brain & Memory Power Boost is a natural nootropic supplement by brainMD.

This is the first time we’ve heard of this company. But brainMD have obviously been around for a little while; at present they sell an impressive range of supplements including a sleep aid, a mood booster, and a weight loss supplement.

Most of their products are geared towards enhancing brain health and cognitive function, so we expect their out and out nootropic to be pretty good.


brainMD brain and memory power boost review


So who is behind this product range?

All brainMD products have supposedly been formulated by Daniel Amen MD.

We’re always initially put off by the whole “doctor recommended” thing because it’s usually a good indicator of a scam supplement.

After all, just because something is being sld by a doctor doesn’t mean it is any good! Doctor’s can prioritize financial gain over quality of product or value for money for the end user!

More often than not, these products turn out to be formulated by a retired chiropractor or someone with a degree in homeopathy.

In this case though, at least the credentials are legit. Daniel Amen MD is in fact a doctor with a degree from a proper medical school. He went on to do his general psychiatric training at a real hospital.

So what about Brain & Memory Power Boost?

According to the bottle, this supplement “supports optimal brain and memory revitalization”.

More specifically, the brainMD Health website lists the following benefits that users can expect from using Brain & Memory Power Boost:

  • Protect brain circulation
  • Promote mental sharpness
  • Boost brain circuit function
  • Supports enhanced memory recall and retention

The merchant page for Brain & Memory Power Boost states that the formula also “helps conserve cognitive function as we age.”

It apparently does all of this through the combination of an “all star line-up” of nutraceuitcals.

Obviously we can’t just take doctor Daniel on his word!

We need to do a full and proper brainMD Brain & Memory Power Boost review, examining the ingredients, their doses, and their associated side effects. We then need to decide how this compares to the leading stacks today!

brainMD Brain & Memory Power Boost Formula

Let’s take a look at the brainMD Brain & Memory Power Boost formula:


brainMD brain memory power boost formula


Having given this a quick once-over, we can say with confidence that this is a very boring formula.

There’s noting exciting in here; no big kicker, no powerful focus or memory booster.

All we have are kind of long-term oriented ingredients.

There are good ingredients in here, no doubt about it.

But they do not constitute a powerful natural nootropic stack on their own. They are superb when used in combination with more potent nootropics that have a more significant impact.

We see all of these ingredients regularly, in doses more or less the same as we get from brainMD Brain & Memory Power Boost.

The difference is that in more comprehensive supplements (or more interesting supplements), we see these ingredients used in conjunction with potent cholinergics, long-term brain growth stimulators, and long-term memory superchargers.

We don’t really get any of that in brainMD Brain & Memory Power Boost .

But enough vagueness.

What We Like

There are some very good natural nootropic subatances in here.

For instance, in every serving of Brain & Memory Power Boost we get 80mg of good quality Ginkgo Biloba Extract.

Ginkgo Biloba leaf contains a compound known to increase cerebral blood flow.

It does this without raising systemic blood pressure – that is very important.

So without simply pushing your blood pressure up, a properly focused Ginkgo Biloba Extract will increase oxygen and nutrient delivery to the brain without artificially pumping up blood pressure.

This will cause medium to long-term improvements in cognitive function.

It is also hypothesized that Ginkgo Biloba supplementation may help ameliorate the symptoms (and delay the onset) of vascular cognitive diseases such as dementia.

80mg per day is sufficient to give you fairly reaosnable results in the long-term.

For obvious reasons, Ginkgo Biloba should not be used if you have a high risk of stroke or heart attack. Talk to your doctor before proceeding.


Ginkgo Biloba brainMD Brain & Memory Power Boost ingredients


Just as brainMD claims, Brain & Memory Power Boost does contain a phospholipid known for its ability to support long-term brain health and functionality.

Phosphatidylserine should be in every single comprehensive nootropic stack in our opinion.

PS is a vital part of your cellular membranes.

It is found in enormous quantities in the brain, where it makes up much of your brain cell membranes.

Ensuring that you have a sufficiently high PS intake is a good way to make sure that your brian has everything it needs to keep up with maintenance and regeneration.

What We Don’t Like

There is a lot more that we don’t like about Brain & Memory Power Boost than we do.

The thing that torubles us most is how much dead weight is in this formula.

Take a look at the biggest ingredients in Brain & Memory Power Boost.

We have ALCAR, Cysteine, and ALA.

These are ingredients we would expect to see in an intra-workout supplement or a bodybuilding supplement of some kind.

They have no real nootropic properties.

ALCAR can have some benefits in terms of promoting focus during physically demanding periods.

Yet it should not be doing the heavy lifting of a nootropic stack.


ALCAR hcl brainMD Brain & Memory Power Boost ingredients


Nor should Cysteine, nor should Alpha Lipoic Acid.

Then we are left with just a handful of true brain boosters: Vinpocetine, PS, Ginkgo Biloba, and Huperzine A.

As stated above, these are good ingredients.

They all have nootropic properties.

But they are all commonly used alongside a range of other more powerful nootropics in full-spectrum stacks.

Plenty of stacks on the market today combine these very ingredients with things like CDP-Choline, Bacopa monnieri, large doses of Rhodiola rosea, and neurotrophic factor-promoting substances.

We cannot get excited about this stack when it contains fairly low doses of ingredients that we think should be standard; ingredients which could be described as “supportive”.

This is particularly true of Huperzine A, which we think is a far from ideal choice when it comes to boosting acetylcholine levels. Here’s why…


-Is Green Tea Really A ‘Nootropic’?-

brainMD Brain & Memory Power Boost Side Effects

The main, or rather only, side effect concern here is Huperzine A.

Most of the other ingredients used in Brain & Memory Power Boost are thought to be very safe for the vast majority of users.

But Huperzine A carries some sizable risks with it.

We’ve explained all of this in our complete Huperzine A guide, which we urge you to read before you use his substance.

As always though, we are in no position to declare something totally safe. Neither are supplement manufacturers for that matter.

Everybody is different, and you are dealing with very unusual herbal extracts here.

Just because something comes from a plan doesn’t mean it can’t possibly hurt you. Just because you consume something in totallity doesn’t mean that it is safe to consume one of its constituent parts separately in a highly concentrated form.

Talk to a doctor before you use a supplement like brainMD Brain & Memory Power Boost. One 10 minute appointment is a small price to pay for peace of mind.

brainMD Brain & Memory Power Boost Review Conclusion

We’re really not very impressed with this supplement.

If you want to know the detailed reasons why please read our full Brain & Memory Power Boost review above.

The formula isn’t very exciting; it is mostly amino acids that have no real nootropic properties.

The actual brain boosters in Brain & Memory Power Boost aren’t particularly strong; they are good, but they work best in combination with major focus boosters, memory enhancers, and so on.

Brain & Memory Power Boost will support long-term brain health and function, but its acute effects will be 0.

There are stacks on the market today that combine the best ingredients in Brain & Memory Power Boost with powerful short and medium term cognitive enhancers.

If you want to actually see results, we think you are better off going for one of these full-spectrum stacks.

brainMD Brain & Memory Power Boost Review
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