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Brain Plus IQ Review Summary

We are not the first review site to publish a long and detailed Brain Plus IQ review, and we will certainly not be the last.

As you will no doubt see if you search for Brain Plus IQ testimonials online, there is a stark divide in the conclusion of reviews out there. Some warn you that the product is a total scam and should be avoided. Others will tell you that it is an incredible supplement, if not the best there is. 

After taking a close look at the Brain Plus IQ ingredients as well as the source of the positive reviews, we are forced to side more closely with those who tell you to steer clear of this stuff. Even if it didn’t scream ‘scam’, the only reliable formula information we can find point to it being a weak, ineffective stack. 


Where To Buy Brain Plus IQ

We really wouldn’t advise it. If you must, browse the several third party merchants selling this stuff and choose the one that looks like the most reputable.


Full Brain Plus IQ Review


It’s astounding how much attention this product has received since its launch. If you search online for a Brain Plus IQ review, you will see literally hundreds of results, including video testimonials. 

One thing that will jump out at you if you have a quick look through these reviews is how split they are between extremely negative and extremely positive. We have looked through quite a few Brain Plus IQ reviews now, and there seems to be very little middle ground. 

Brain Plus IQ Nootropic Review


Of course, we had to do our own to see if our conclusions fell into either camp, or into some mid-point between the two. 

So, what is Brain Plus IQ all about? What does it claim to be able to do?

Right off the bat, Brain Plus IQ claims to do some pretty incredible things. According to the website, it delivers:

  • Intense focus
  • Mental clarity
  • Cognitive precision

More specifically, the website claims that this stuff can “clear your mind for optimal mental absorption”. We are told that Brain Plus IQ “enhances neurotransmitters”, allowing you to store newly learned information “more efficiently”. 

That sounds pretty unbelievable to us. But if the manufacturers can actually deliver on these claims, then that’s great.

So now the only question is: can they?

Does Brain Plus IQ really work? Does it do all of the things it claims it can? What about side effects? Are there any better natural nootropic stacks out there?

Let’s find out together. Here’s our full Brain Plus IQ review. 


Brain Plus IQ Formula

Getting accurate information on the Brain Plus IQ formula was much harder than we’d have liked. We really have a problem with manufacturers who make their prospective customers work hard to find out their product’s specifications. 

Generally speaking, when a formula is not displayed proudly on the official merchant page, then the manufacturers usually have nothing to be proud of.

If your formula was really competitive, if it was far superior to your competitors, then why not shout about it?

Some people claim that they need to hide their formula for fear that a competitor will steal it, but this is almost laughable.

For one thing, look at supplement manufacturers who obviously make a lot of money. The ones that are clearly market leaders; do they share their entire formula with everyone? Absolutely. The vast majority of them aim to be totally transparent. 

Aside from that, when you’re using ingredients that the industry is familiar with, such as phosphatidylserine or phosphatidylcholine, your dosing isn’t going to affect anyone else’s formula decisions. If you’re hiding it, you can only conceivably be hiding it from the customer. 

Now that that’s out of the way, here is the Brain Plus IQ formula, which we eventually found on a different website to the official merchant page:


Brain Plus IQ Ingredients


Some of these ingredients are absolutely fantastic natural nootropic substances. 

Take Ginkgo Biloba for instance. 

Extensive research has shown beyond a reasonable doubt that Ginkgo Biloba can significantly improve cognitive performance. The main way it seems to do this is by improving cerebral blood circulation. 

By opening up your capillaries in a gradual, natural way, Ginkgo allows for more efficient delivery of both oxygen and nutrients to your brain cells. This has obvious benefits in terms of increasing brain cell energy levels and health. 

In practical terms, this seems to translate into improvements in working memory recall and reaction times (ref).


-Learn More About How Natural Nootropics Work From Our Ingredient Guide-


However, we don’t know how much Ginkgo biloba is in each capsule. 

Studies attesting to the efficacy of Ginkgo biloba as a nootropic have used a range of dosages, with anywhere from 120mg to 240mg and above being used on a daily basis. Most of these studies have returned excellent results, so we know that we can expect good results when using a dose somewhere in this range. 

So how much is in Brain Plus IQ? 




Your guess here is as good as ours. 

We suspect that if there was an ideal amount of Ginkgo biloba in each serving, then the manufacturer would be shouting it from the rooftops. But they aren’t, so we have to assume there is less than that. Why else keep the dosage a secret?

The same thing can be said for many of the ingredients, such as Bacopa monnieri, phosphatidylserine, and vinpocetine. 

The same story plays out each time, so there’s no need for us to go into each one in any detail. The amazing benefits that you can derive from using these substances properly is totally lost if you are just using a few milligrams (or micrograms) per day.

If we don’t know how much we’re taking, there’s no point speculating about how profound their effect could be if the dosage was right.

However, there is one ingredient that deserves a bit more attention here. That’s because we suspect it is being used as a formula ‘filler’. We’re talking, of course, about Glutamine. 


Glutamine: Stack Filler?

Glutamine is an amino acid. It is abundant in the diet of almost everyone, regardless of where you’re living, how old you are, or how good your diet is overall. Glutamine is the main amino acid found in muscle cells, and it is found in very large quantities in meat, milk, bread, eggs, beans, pasta – the list goes on. 

So why is it in a nootropic stack?

Well, supplementation is not uncommon, and incorporating more glutamine into your diet can certainly have benefits. 

The most common reason for people to take glutamine as a supplement is either because their diet is unusually deficient (think of vegans and vegetarians who have poorly balanced diets), or because they perform strenuous exercise multiple times per week. 


-Lion’s Mane Mushroom: The Long-Term Nootropic?-


So what’s the issue?

Well, when taken as a supplement, glutamine is taken in doses of at least 5g. That’s right, 5g!

When incorporated into a nootropic stack, lower doses are common. But still, it would be ludicrous to include less than 500mg of glutamine in a serious supplement. 

Even at doses of over 1g per day, benefits are not as pronounced as the likes of Bacopa monnieri, Ginkgo biloba, or a cholinergic, but they are at least usually more noticeable than when taking less than 500mg daily. 

Glutamine is very cheap to buy in large amounts, because, well, it’s so abundant and nobody would want to buy it in relatively smaller amounts, even when making a supplement. 

We suspect that this is why Brain Plus IQ does not disclose its individual ingredient serving sizes. 

We think it’s highly likely that glutamine makes up the lion’s share of this stack’s formula, with the other, more powerful nootropic ingredients being given a tiny slice of whatever remains of the 800mg capsule. 

This would render the best ingredients impotent. Bacopa monnieri needs at least 100mg per day to really have a pronounced effect. Ginkgo requires roughly the same, and phosphatidylserine the same again. 

So to put it in very simple terms, there just isn’t enough space in the formula to accommodate for all of the ingredients. It pains us to say it, but we think there’s been some serous formula stuffing going on here. 


Dubious Marketing

The marketing methods of Brain Plus IQ’s manufacturers really need to be talked about.

The main merchant page includes lots of outlandish claims about the product, such as this:


Brain Plus IQ Nootropic Supplement Claims

We aren’t sure where this study is from, but we are very skeptical about its validity, not to mention its existence.

We then also have some pretty pessimistic marketing tricks used further down the merchant page:


Brain Plus IQ Marketing Claims


You can choose to believe that the likes of Elon Musk and Tim Cook owe their success to Brian Plus IQ. Or you can choose to believe that they owe their success to their hard work, determination, intelligence, and a bit of luck. It’s entirely up to you. We know where we stand though.

We don’t like seeing supplement manufacturers pursuing policies like this. It is underhanded and doesn’t exactly cover the product in glory. 

All-in-all, this is usually a sign that you need to stay away from a particular product, not buy into it. 


What Are Other People Saying About Brain Plus IQ?

The overall online perception of Brain Plus IQ is not good, to put it mildly. 

Many of the Brain Plus IQ reviews you will have seen will no doubt be overwhelmingly negative. 

Of course, several will be glowing recommendations for the product. but when we see so many reviews giving a product 1/5 or similar, and a handful giving it 10/10, we know that some people are being liberal with the truth to make some money.

In that scenario, it’s likely that the positive reviewers will either be paid directly to make a positive statement about the product, or they will receive a commission for referred sales. 

A direct payment is certainly what has happened in this video:



You don’t have to be a genius to sense that something’s not right here. As other eagle-eye’d reviewers out there have already spotted, this woman is an actress who advertises her services on Fiverr:


Brain Plus IQ Fake Testimonials


Credit to Rob Miller over at Supplement Critique for finding that one out. 


A little more digging on YouTube returns lots of interesting results. Take this video for instance:



It’s to the best put-together video on earth, but that can be forgiven. However, this is far from an un-biased review. If you watch to the end of the video, you’ll notice that this guy points you towards the link at the bottom of the video and tells you that this is where you can get the cheapest Brain Plus IQ.

 There’s nothing wrong with people receiving some kind of financial reward for advertising services. But when the only people who praise a product also seem to be making money out of it, we have to ask ourselves some serious questions. 

Before we make our final judgement, we need to look at a wider range of Brain Plus IQ reviews. Here is what some people had to say about this nootropic supplement on Quora:


Brain Plus IQ Scam


Brain Plus IQ Negative Reviews


Do some research yourself and see what others are saying about Brain Plus IQ nootropic supplement.


Brain Plus IQ Review Conclusion

Well, we really didn’t need much convincing on this one. 

The bulk of the Brain Plus IQ reviews out there all point in the same direction, and that’s the direction we find ourselves pointing you too: away!

Nothing about this supplement says to us that it is worth giving it a try. Quite the opposite in fact.

If you want to gain a mental edge, or to gradually improve your cognitive function over the long term, then we doubt Brain Plus IQ can help you get there. Check out one of our top rated supplements instead!

Brain Plus IQ Review – Real Brain Booster Or Total Scam?
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