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  • Great ingredient selection
  • Effective for stated goals
  • Good price


  • Not a holistic stack; only short-term focus and energy addressed
  • Cannot be used regularly
  • Benefits very short-lived


Bluvos Review Summary

All-in-all, this is a very impressive natural nootropic. Bluvos smart energy supplement combines a potent cholinergic, a sensible dose of caffeine, and Huperzine A; a combination which should deliver a significant and rapid increase in focus and mental stamina. It should also go some way to alleviating performance anxiety. 

We think serious gamers would be better served by MOD Elite Gaming Supplement, while people looking for more long-term, sustained cognitive enhancement should check out Mind Lab Pro. Even so, this is a good supplement, well worth a try. 


Where To Buy Bluvos

This is a very new product (at the time of writing). We believe the best place to buy Bluvos is through the manufacturer’s online store, as this will make complaints, returns and so on much easier should they be necessary. 


Full Bluvos Review

Bluvos is a band new ‘smart energy supplement’ designed first and foremost for pro-gamers.

Although the benefits of using such a supplement are applicable to anyone needing a short term mental boost, the gaming market is definitely this product’s niche. That is perhaps why there are so few professional Bluvos energy supplement reviews out there. 

‘Smart energy supplements’ are now getting some serious traction in the market.

To put it in basic terms, smart energy supplements attempt to offer a kind of ‘supercharged’ version of the standard energy drink.

So rather than simply providing a shot of caffeine and heaps of sugar, ‘smart energy supplements’ actually try to enhance focus and mental clarity while giving you an energy boost. 

We have already reviewed a couple of these so-called ‘smart energy supplements’ on this site. They are all different, yet they all share common features. 


Bluvos Review


What Are ‘Smart Energy Supplements’?

Supplements like Bluvos are not designed to be long-term nootropics for improving memory.

They are not daily supplements to be used for generally enhancing mental performance.

They are short-term, take as needed stacks. 

That does not make them bad; it just makes them suitable for very specific circumstances.

Much like Bluvos, the incredibly popular MOD Elite Gaming Supplement aims to provide a quick energy boost while also supporting enhanced cognitive function.

Like Bluvos, it is primarily marketed at pro-gamers, although the benefits are transferable to contractors, creative professionals, programmers, chess players; anyone who needs a quick lift in mental energy and enhanced focus. 

So what does Bluvos think it can offer that the more established supplements can’t?

According to the website, Bluvos can:

  • Support mental focus and stamina
  • Promote alertness and ‘wakefulness’ 
  • Relieve fatigue
  • Reduce stress

The Bluvos official website makes much of the idea of “clean energy”. This ties in closely with the general appeal of ‘smart energy supplements’. These products are looking to provide a viable alternative to energy drinks.

Unlike energy drinks, they seek to offer a mental boost without causing a sugar high and subsequent crash, and without relying solely on large amounts of stimulants (which can ultimately hinder rather than help performance). 

If Bluvos really can deliver “clean energy” while genuinely supporting better focus, reduced stress, and reduce fatigue, then we will have a superb ‘smart energy supplement’ on our hands. 

So the question is, can it deliver on these claims? Does it really work as advertised?

What about side effects?

Is Bluvos the right product for you?

Let’s try to answer all of those questions together. Here is our full Bluvos review. As always, if you have any questions, please post them in the comments section below and we will answer as soon as we can. 


Bluvos Energy Supplement Review


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Bluvos Formula

The most important thing to look at when evaluating a natural brain supplement is the formula. 

The claims of the manufacturers tell us what the supplement is supposed to do, but if the ingredients don’t deliver, then the claims of the makers are meaningless. 

Here is the Bluvos formula as displayed on the bottle:


Bluvos smart energy supplement formula review



Overall, this looks like a very effective ‘smart energy’ formula. 

These ingredients should work together to give users enhanced focus, more mental stamina, and a significant lift in mental energy. 

For starters, the caffeine content will produce greater mental energy, stamina, and better concentration on the task at hand. 

100mg of caffeine is a large enough dose to give you a palpable lift, but not enough to produce the jitteriness or anxiety that accompanies heavy caffeine consumption. 

We usually dislike natural nootropic stacks which rely too heavily on caffeine to deliver improvements in focus, mental stamina, and so on. 


Bluvos Ingredients Caffeine


However, this is not a daily stack designed to gradually improve mental performance. It is a supplement designed for an immediate, short-term lift in cognitive performance and mental stamina. 

If anything, we are surprised that the caffeine content of this supplement is so small. 

Other stacks designed for short-term use contain much more, and while that makes unsuitable for daily use and them likely to cause side effects, it does make them more effective at their stated goals.

The addition of Alpha GPC to the formula is a fantastic decision in our opinion. 

Alpha GPC is one of the best cholinergics available. 

A cholinergic is a substance which confers choline to the brain, thereby allowing for greater acetylcholine synthesis.

Acetylcholine ia an incredibly important neurotransmitter. By promoting greater acetylcholine availability, you can ensure that your synapses are able to communicate with one another as efficiently as possible. The benefits this has in terms of cognitive function should be obvious. 

Alpha GPC helps improve focus, learning, concentration-stamina, and more. 

Users can also expect to experience a significant reduction in fatigue, stress, and performance anxiety.


Rhodiola rosea in Bluvos energy supplement

The inclusion of 100mg of rhodiola rosea and 15mg of vinpocetine should be more than sufficient to take the edge off any stress symptoms you might experience. This is true whether you are playing in a high stakes video game tournament, trying to complete a project before deadline, or putting in a marathon study session. 

Mental acuity should also be somewhat improved, although not to the same degree as stacks specifically designed to improve clarity, memory re-call, and so on. 

The inclusion of both Huperzine A and Alpha GPC will no doubt lead to improved focus, along with a longer attention span, better information processing, and overall better cognitive performance.

However, these ingredients only really begin to work properly when taken continuously for a number of days. For the likes of Huperzine A, a cycle of around 4 weeks is probably best, while cholinergics such as Alpha GPC work best when taken daily for several weeks and months. 

The vitamin stack in Bluvos is really nothing to get excited about. Every natural nootropic supplement seems to contain some B vitamins these days, but as in Bluvos, there is usually less than the amount you’ll find in a bowl of fortified cereal and milk. 

It is important to make sure that you are getting sufficient amounts of B vitamins if you care at all about optimizing your brain for performance, energy and stamina, but even cheap, store-brand B vitamin complexes provide many times your RDI of B12. The same is true of D3. 


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Thoughts On Ingredients – Is Bluvos Right For Me?

Whether or not Bluvos is right for you depends on your needs. 

It is a ‘smart energy supplement’, not a daily nootropic stack designed to ‘cover all bases’, as it were. 

If you are looking for something which will deliver gradual improvements in memory function, learning capacity, focus, and mental energy, then you need a stack which you can (or rather should) take every single day for months on end. 

That’s because the substances which produce the biggest improvements in memory, learning, and focus all take some time to really get to work. 

Bluvos is not a supplement which you can take every day. But it is not claiming to be such a supplement.

It is claiming to be a supplement for irregular, infrequent use. It is designed to improve focus and energy in the short-term, not the medium or long-term.

The benefits of using Bluvos will not be as lasting as the benefits of using Mind Lab Pro, but then the manufacturers never intend them to be long lasting. 

So Bluvos wont be able to bestow incremental but lasting improvements to your learning speed, your memory function, or your brain health.

Even if you did take it every day, the ingredients aren’t geared towards doing any of this (with the exception of Alpha GPC). 

What Bluvos will bestow will be an immediate, discernible increase in mental energy, clarity, and concentration. 

It will also help alleviate performance anxiety and attenuate stress-inducted performance deterioration. This kind of benefit is always short term; the substances known to alleviate stress do so for a short space of time, so even long-term stacks like Alpha Brain will only combat stress while you are taking them. 

If you’re a gamer, a programmer, a freelance contractor, or anyone else who might need some help staying on top of their game for a brief, intense period of activity, Bluvos might be for you.

If you are looking for longer lasting, more gradual but significantly more robust improvements in things like memory recall, learning capacity, sleep quality, attention span, and so on, Bluvos is probably not what you are looking for. 

Evaluate your specific goals and choose your natural nootropic supplement accordingly. 


Bluvos User Reviews

The “verified user reviews” you see on manufacturer websites always make us skeptical. Obviously, manufacturers are only going to show the best reviews, and some manufacturers will just engineer reviews to put on their sites. 

Even genuine individual reviews can only tell us so much; you don’t know whether someone genuinely knows what they’re talking about, and whether or not the benefits they experienced actually came from using the product.

But looking at what other people are saying can help us get an idea of whether or not the supplement is a total scam, and what sort of things we can expect from using the product. 

Here is a selection of Bluvos reviews we found online:


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Bluvos customer reviews


Bluvos User Reviews

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Bluvos Side Effects

The likelihood of many users experiencing side effects from using Bluvos is negligible. 

The only ingredient known to cause significant side effects is caffeine.

But as stated above, the caffeine content of this supplement is fairly low by ‘smart energy’ supplement standards.

Not only that, but we cannot detract from a supplement designed for short-term mental energy boosting because it contains caffeine; caffeine is the best short-term natural focus booster there is.

We normally advise people to avoid caffeine if they are looking for a daily stack to help with memory function and mental acuity, particularly if they also drink a lot of tea or coffee throughout the day. 

However, Bluvos is not meant for repeated, long-term use; as such, caffeine is an ideal addition, and 100mg is nothing to be overly concerned about. 

That said, if you are sensitive to stimulants like caffeine, then you should avoid using Bluvos. There are some stimulant-free supplements on the market designed for short-term cognitive boosts. These will be more suitable for you if you are adversely affected by caffeine consumption. 


Huperzine A Cycling?

Regular visitors to this site will no doubt be wondering why we haven’t mentioned the potential dangers of using Huperzine A thus far.

The reason is because the side effects associated with Huperzine A only become a concern when the extract is used for a continuous period of about 3 weeks or more (depending on dosage of course). 

For the 75mcg in Bluvos, we would advise people to take a week break every 4 weeks.

However, since Bluvos is not intended for repeated, continual use, the side effect risk of using Huperzine A should be minimal. 

As always, it is incredibly important that you talk to you doctor when using supplements like natural brain boosters. This is particularly important if they contain stimulants like caffeine or substances like Huperzine A which interfere with enzyme production. Never get medical advice online; talk to your doctor!


Bluvos Review Conclusion

Bluvos looks like a very good, reliable, high quality ‘smart energy supplement’.

If you’ve read our whole Bluvos review, then you’ll know that we make a clear distinction between a natural nootropic which attempts to improve every aspect of brain function (including health), and a supplement designed to boost mental performance for a definite period.

Bluvos will not address things like memory function, sleep quality, long-term focus enhancement, or brain health. 

What it will give you is a significant lift in mental stamina, concentration span, focus, and mental clarity. 

Crucially, this boost is not just down to stimulants. Sure, the stack contains caffeine, because caffeine is one of the strongest, most reliable natural nootropic compounds out there. But it also actually addresses focus and concentration; it does not just load you with caffeine and send you on your way like energy drinks or caffeine pills would. 

As stated above, ask yourself what you are really looking for. If it’s a one-off cognitive boost, then Bluvos could be a good idea. The other smart energy supplements reviewed on this site might also be a good option. 

If you want a holistic nootropic stack, look elsewhere. 

Bluvos Smart Energy Supplement Review – A Stack Just For Gamers?
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