Neuro Core+

Neuro Core+

Value for Money

4.0 /10

Formula Rating

3.0 /10

Risk of Side Effects

4.0 /10


  • White label, pre-made formula
  • Terrible ingredients - many do nothing
  • Potential side effect risks relatively high

Neuro Core+ Review Summary

If you read our full Neuro Core+ review, you’ll notice that the majority of the appraisal is consumed with our discussion of scam private label supplements. The Neuro Core+ formula is not as unique as BioSentials wants you to believe. It is a widely used, pre-made, off-the-rack blend produced by a wholesaler and offered up cheap for “private labeling”.

If you want to see serious cognitive improvements, then you need to use a serious stack with serious ingredients and doses. 

If you want something to produce long-term, lasting improvements in memory, focus, clarity and mood, then find a stack explicitly designed for those purposes.


Where To Buy Neuro Core+

Amazon seems to be the best place to buy this supplement, just like every ‘Amazon Method’ stack.


BioSentials Neuro Core+ Review


Neuro Core+ is a new nootropic stack. It seems to have appeared on Amazon some time over the last few months, but it has already received a few glowing reviews. So, we’ve decided to do a professional, impartial Neuro Core Plus review.

What is Neuro Core+?

What is it supposed to do?

Who are BioSentials?


BioSentials Neuro Core+ review


BioSentials are a relatively unknown nootropics manufacturer. We can’t find an official website for these guys. As such, we think it’s safe to assume that they sell their products primarily through third-parties.

Neuro Core+ is advertised as being “for active brains”.

The bottle clearly states that users can expect the following benefits from using Neuro Core+:

“Feel focused and alert”
“Assist mental clarity”
“Superior cognitive support”

Apart from that, we can’t find much in the way of concrete information about what Neuro Core+ can do, what differentiates it from the rest of the products on the market, and so on.

We can’t even find a convincing argument as to why you should take this supplement. There isn’t a lot of marketing material with Neuro Core+.

So a thorough BioSentials Neuro Core+ review is really important. We need to get down to the details and find out what this natural nootropic can really do. So let’s get to it!

Neuro Core+ Formula

Here is the Neuro Core+ formula as it should look on any bottle that you purchase:


BioSentials Neuro Core+ formula analysis


Do you feel like you’ve seen this formula before?

If you’ve read quite a few of our reviews, or you’ve spent a long time trawling through nootropics online, then you have more than likely seen this exact same formulation before.

Maybe even more than once; maybe 5+ times before!

That’s right; Neuro Core+ is another private label nootropic scam!

This formula is used by numerous other supplements. We mean the exact same formula; down to the last milligram.

This happens because some wholesalers have pre-made “ready to ship” product which individuals can buy and brand however they like.

Some wholesalers have no time for branding, marketing, etc, and they want an easy way to get rid of their surplus stock.

So they offer up a private label formula, and here we are!

Obviously, you don’t want to spend your money on a mass produced, generic formula in any case. You are always being ripped off in this scenario.

But some of these formulas might offer some value at least, right?

What about the Neuro Core+ formula itself? Is it any good?


Problems With BioSentials Neuro Core+

There are so many problems with the BioSentials Neuro Core+ formula that we simply can’t get into them all here. If you read some other reviews of supplements using this formula then you will obviously see some different problems dealt with.

We haven’t necessarily started with the most serious issues here, so do not assume that these issues are in order of importance.

Nor have we covered every issue here.

First off, the bulk of the Neuro Core+ formula comprises pitifully low doses of everyday vitamins and minerals.

Just look for yourself. In each serving of Neuro Core+, you’re getting 3% of your RDI of Copper, 2% of Calcium, and 25% of your RDI of Vitamin D.

What is the point of including these ingredients?

A few percentage points of your RDI of common vitamins and minerals isn’t going to make a big difference o your cognitive function. Obviously!

Another big problem is that many of the ingredients used in the Neuro Core+ proprietary blend are useless.

Licorice Root Extract?

Cinnamon Bark Extract?

Bilberry Fruit Extract?

Are these guys serious?!


Neuro Core+ ingredients Cinnamon extract


None of these ingredients have any serious scientific backing (if they even have spurious scientific backing).

None of them are commonly used by people. None of them have a mountain of anecdotal data and user stories attesting to their power.

None of them are even routinely claimed to be nootropics by health and fitness bloggers (and those guys will hype up anything).

They have just been added into this formula to jazz up the label, as well as to get rid of some excess stock held by the wholesaler.

Finally, there’s the fundamental problem with proprietary blends.

Prop blends provide very little value to customers.

It prevents them from making very basic rational buying decisions.

In a sense, it treats them like idiots: “don’t worry your silly little self about doses, just trust us! You wouldn’t understand anyway!”

Yeah, right.

You should always steer clear of proprietary blends. But this blend in particular is of seriously low value.

The best ingredients all require serious serving sizes to have a significant effect.

There isn’t enough formula to go around to accomodate all of the potentially effective ingredients in the Neuro Core+ formula. It just can’t dose them all properly.

Maybe none of them are dosed properly.


-Natural Ways To Decrease Anxiety-

Neuro Core+ Review Conclusion

This is another rip-off, scam, private label nootropic.

It is mass produced by a wholesaler, bought ready-made by an individual or company, and then palmed off as a professional, high quality supplement.

Don’t get burnt by these scams; they are absolutely everywhere on Amazon at the minute, and their reach has not stopped at nootropics.

If you want serious cognitive enhancements, then you need to use a serious product.

If you want long-term memory enhancement, a short-term focus boost, mood allevitation, and long-term physical brain support, then look for a nootropic stack tailored exactly to those purposes.

Check out our top 3 recommended products today! We update our list after every review.

BioSentials Neuro Core+ Review
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