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BioScience Nutrition Brain Boost Review Summary

The proprietary blend in this formula is just 692mg. This is split between 20 ingredients. That’s right, 20! 

Some of these ingredients are indeed wonderful natural nootropics. Some of them have been proven in clinical trials to deliver significant, quantifiable cognitive enhancements. However, other ingredients have absolutely no well proven nootropic benefits at all, while others still need to be dosed in quantities as large as the whole blend in order to be really effective. 

We think our readers would be better served spending their money on a more focused, streamlined natural brain boosting stack.


Where To Buy BioScience Brain Boost

The BioScience website seems to automatically re-direct customers to Amazon. We always prefer to buy direct from the manufacturer, but it doesn’t seem possible right now. 



Full BioScience Brain Boost Review


It doesn’t take a great deal of effort to find a BioScience Brain Boost review online. 

A quick Google for the term “BioScience Brain Boost review” will show you just how popular this product is compared to so many other natural nootropic stacks. It has received attention from several professional supplement appraisal websites, and it is even the focus of a few video review spotlights.

We therefore found ourselves asking: why is this supplement so popular? To find out, we decided to do our own BioScience Brain Boost review.  

First of all, who are BioScience Nutrition?


Brain Boost Review


BioScience Nutrition are a supplement manufacturer based in Wilmington, Delaware. 

Unlike a lot of nootropic manufacturers these days these guys focus on producing health, well-being, and longevity supplements. This is the more traditional home of brain boosters and focus supplements.

BioScience Nutrition’s offerings currently include probiotics and enzymes, testosterone boosters, heart health and anti-cholesterol supplements, and anti-ageing products. 

All of their products seem to be natural and herbal in nature. 

So what about Brain Boost itself?

There is very little in the way of detailed information about this product on the BioScience Nutrition website itself. However, we can glean everything we need to from the Amazon listing which the company re-directs us to. They clearly endorse that page and the information on it; otherwise they shouldn’t be linking to it from their site!

Brain Boost is a nootropic supplement designed to improve memory, concentration, mood, alertness, focus, clarity – you name it, Brain Boost claims to enhance it. 

According to the bottle, Brain Boost “boosts focus and clarity, increases memory retention, improves mood”. It supposedly does this by delivering a blend of 41 vitamins, minerals, and natural nootropic substances. 

This all sounds very impressive, but is any of it true? Will Brain Boost really do all of these things? Is it the right pre-made nootropic stack for you? Is there anything better out there?

Let’s find out. Below is our full BioScience Nutrition Brain Boost review. Enjoy!


BioScience Brain Boost Ingredients

The only way to properly assess whether or not Brain Boost nootropic has any real merit is to take a close look at the formula. We need to look at each ingredient in Brain Boost, its dosage, and see how it will interact with the other ingredients. Only then can we judge the formula as a whole. 

Here is the ingredients label as it appears on the bottle:


BioScience Nutrition Brain Boost Formula Review

Private Label Supplement

It pains us to say this yet again, but Brain Boost is obviously a generic, ‘private label’ supplement dressed up as a premium, one-of-a-kind nootropic stack.

It has an identical formula to many other supplements already reviewed on this site. 

We think this is because all of these supplements are coming from the same manufacturer. This is the “Amazon Method” in action.

We’ve written about this common scam at length elsewhere, and we advise you to take a look before buying supplements like Brain Boost.

But we’ll leave that point for you to read about elsewhere.

For now, let’s concentrate on the formula itself.  


Brain Boost Proprietary Blend

Unfortunately, the use of a proprietary blend makes it very hard for us to discern whether or not this stack is likely to work for most users. 

We assume that this is what most of our readers are looking for: help finding a stack that will almost definitely deliver real, palpable, and lasting improvements in cognitive function, regardless of your personal needs or deficiencies. 


BioScience Nutrition Brain Boost Formula Review


Our readers don’t want help finding a stack that might work for some people, or a stack that might not work at all. They want a stack that we can look at today and say “yes, that will definitely give me what I’m looking for”. 

We can never say that about a product that uses one, single, bloated proprietary blend. 

This is especially the case if it contains ingredients that could potentially act as “fillers”. By “fillers”, we mean ingredients that can potentially make up the vast majority of the formula at very little cost, allowing the manufacturer to include tiny amounts of the expensive ingredients, thereby keeping production costs down, while still presenting the product to the customer as “containing the best nootropics”. 

The customer can’t tell if the most important ingredients are dosed properly; they only have the word of the manufacturer and the experiences of internet strangers to go on.

Well, what about Brain Boost? What can we tell from the Brain Boost proprietary blend?


BioScience Nutrition Brain Boost Formula Review – Does This Nootropic Stack Work?

Brain Boost contains some of the best natural nootropic substances. 

In fact, we could create a tremendously effective natural cognitive enhancer by picking ingredients from its formula. 

Bacopa monnieri, phosphatidylserine, choline bitartrate, green tea extract, and DHA all have well-tested, proven, and powerful nootropic properties.

Each of them affects cognition in a slightly different way, but when stacked together, there is no doubt that these ingredients can deliver significant yet subtle and sustainable improvement in cognitive function without also causing significant side effects in most users. 


Brain Boost Bacopa Monnieri Content


The problem is that the effectiveness of these natural nootropics depends very much on their respective serving sizes. 

For example, Bacopa monnieri has been conclusively proven in several clinical trials to positively influence memory in adults. However, participants in these studies were typically taking at least 100mg of Bacopa monnieri. Some were taking as much as 300mg (although there is no evidence that this much is necessary to achieve optimal results). 

So what would happen if you took just 10mg of Bacopa? Chances are, very little indeed. 

So the fact that Brain Boost contains all of these fantastic ingredients doesn’t mean a great deal, because they could easily be dosed far too low or far too high for our needs. 

This problem is compounded by two other issues:


  1. The Brain Boost nootropic blend is just 692mg divided between 20 ingredients, some of which are often dosed higher than 692mg
  2. Brain Boost’s nootropic blend contains ingredients that haven’t had their nootropic credentials verified by proper clinical trials on humans


The first problem is not difficult to explain. 

Brain Boost contains L-Glutamine and L-Tyrosine. 

When taken as a supplement, L-Gluatmine is typically dosed in quantities ranging from 5g to 10g. 

L-Tyrosine is usually taken in serving sizes ranging from 500mg to 2,000mg. 

That both of these substances are included alongside 18 other ingredients in a blend just 692mg in size is obviously problematic. 


BioScience Nutrition Brain Boost Ingredients - Glutamine


The second problem is just as easy to get your head around. 

If someone claims that a certain substance has particular properties, then the burden of proof falls squarely with them. It is not up to us to disprove whether or not a substance can do a certain thing, be it improve cognitive performance, physical abilities, or whatever it may be. 

Hype does not count as verified, scientifically back properties. 

As far as we can tell, there is no solid, reputable scientific evidence to suggest that ingredients such as Olive Leaf, Licorice Root, or Grape Seed Extract can improve cognitive performance in humans. 

For example, many people will cite studies such as this one, which suggests that Olive Leaf Extract is able to treat hypertension. This fact can be used to suggest that Olive Leaf Extract is able to help reduce stress. 

While we are happy to see that something can be used to so effectively treat a serious medical condition like hypertension, the fact that it is able to do so does not mean that it is able to reduce stress and anxiety in all people. 

You also need to note the fact that in the quoted study, participants were given 1,000mg of Olive Leaf Extract every day. 

The entire nootropic blend of Brain Boost comes to 692mg. 

Expecting the same results as the people in the cited trial would be ridiculous.

There are of course people who suggest that these substances can do lots of incredible things, but we are not convinced by the evidence. Not even close. 


What About The Vitamin & Mineral Stack?

If a stack also provides a comprehensive vitamin and mineral stack, then so much the better.

However, if the stack does provide a vitamin and mineral stack, then we would expect to see only those vitamins and minerals that can assist with mental performance, and we would expect to see them dosed quite generously.

Here is the vitamin and mineral stack in Brain Boost:


BioScience Nutrition Brain Boost Nootropic Vitamin Stack


As you can see, not only is this a very generic, non-specific vitamin and mineral stack, but the serving sizes for most of the ingredients are smaller than what we would get from a store-bought, run-of-the-mill multivitamin supplement. 

We don’t need to tell any of you how cheap those multivitamin supplements are.

The amount of some vitamins and minerals in the BioScience Nutrition Brain Boost stack is less than what you could get from a highly nutritious meal. 

Some juice drinks contain more calcium, zinc, and magnesium than the amounts found in Brain Boost. 

Put bluntly, we aren’t really sure why they have bothered to include this vitamin and mineral stack at all. You could get more out of a nutritious breakfast and a glass of orange juice. 


-Learn More About Natural Nooropics From Our Ingredient Guide-


Brain Booster Side Effects

BioScience Nutrition Brain Booster contains Huperzine A, which inhibits the production of acetylcholinesterase. 

The problem with this is that, after a while, you need to be able to get rid of excess acetylcholine in the brain. Huperzine A therefore requires constant cycling; you need to take at least a few days off after using Huperzine A for a few weeks. 

However, how long you can take it for depends on dosage. We have no idea how much Huperzine A is actually in each serving of Brain Booster. It may even be enough to cause immediate side effects (or it may not be enough to have any effect whatsoever). 

Some of our review team also have concerns regarding DMAE. 

Although this stuff is incredibly popular among nootropic enthusiasts generally, plenty of users have experienced negative results when using DMAE, even occasionally. As it is not even a particularly good cholinergic, we advise people to opt for stacks that use CDP-Choline, Alpha-GPC, or at least choline bitartrate (also present in BioScience Brain Boost). 

We advise you to exercise caution when taking BioScience Nutrition Brain Booster. Do not take over the recommended daily dose, and if you experience any side effects whatsoever, discontinue use and mention it to your regular doctor. 

Consulting a qualified physician before taking a strange and exotic new supplement is always a good idea – we recommend it no matter how much of an experienced nootropic user you are.

BioScience Nutrition Brain Booster Review Conclusion

Having conducted a fairly comprehensive BioScience Nutrition Brain Booster review, we have concluded that this supplement represents terrible value for money for consumers. 

Given the amount of ingredients and the relatively small overall serving size, and given that some ingredients are typically dosed in the hundreds of milligrams, we think it’s highly unlikely (read downright impossible) that the best ingredients are all dosed correctly. 

You are therefore almost definitely paying for some ingredients that may as well not be in the formula – and that is the best case scenario. 

It could be the case that none or just one or two of the best ingredients are dosed properly.

The bulk of the nootropic blend formula could quite easily be taken up by ALCAR or Gluatmine.

These two substances are nootropics, no doubt, but they are usually dosed higher than the whole blend. 

This fact merely compounds the fundamental issue of proprietary blends and the lack of value they give customers. 

Most worryingly of all, BioScience Nutriiton Brain Boost has an identical formula to many other nootropics currently on sale on Amazon. We think this is clearly the “Amazon Method” in action; a scam using generic, ‘white label’ supplements disguised as high quality, professional nootropics.

If you want to get the biggest improvements for your money, you will be better off checking out some of our highest rated nootropic stacks, such as Modafy or Mind Lab Pro.

BioScience Nutrition Brain Boost Review – Does It Work?
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We have reviewed hundreds of nootropics and this supplement is still the most impressive. Our review team used this product for months and all experienced:

  • Heightened focus
  • Enhanced memory function
  • More mental energy
  • Better mental performance under stress

Read our full review to find out if this is the nootropic you have been looking for.


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    good day where can i order this product. thanks


    • 2017 at 8:54 am

      Hi Emmy,

      This stuff is available on Amazon, along with all of the same products with exactly the same formula. We’ve mentioned a few times in recent reviews that there are lots of noots on Amazon right now that all clearly get their formulas ‘off-the-rack’ from a wholesaler and just slap their branding on the bottle. We’re sure you won’t struggle to find some of these on Amazon.


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