Value for Money

6.0 /10

Formula Rating

8.0 /10

Risk of Side Effects

8.0 /10


  • Contains superb nootropics
  • Alpha-GPC a potent focus booster


  • Doses, doses, doses
  • Ingredients dosed too low to have any real effect



BioFlourish BrainFlo Review Summary

When we see the words “physician formulated” plastered all over a nootropic, we get worried. But we were really surprised to find in the course of our BrainFlo review that this is actually a pretty respectable stack.

A little too much is made of the folate in here; there’s nothing too amazing about methylfolate. The doses are also far too low for this to be a real big hitter.

But there are some great ingredients in BrainFlo, and the doses are not ridiculous. No prop blends, nothing scammy. We’ve seen a lot worse!


Where To Buy BrainFlo

BrainFlo is only available through Amazon. The official BioFlourish website even directs you to Amazon. Not ideal.

Full BioFlourish BrainFlo Review

BrainFlo is a brand new premium nootropic stack from BioFlourish.

This focus and memory supplement has only just come to our attention, but there are already plenty of glowing BrainFlo reviews online.

There’s lots of buzz around this stack right now, so let’s take a closer look and see if the hype is justified.

What is BrainFlo supposed to do?


BioFlourish BrainFlo Review


BrainFlo is the only product listed on the BioFlourish website at this time. It does seem to be set up for more products in the future though.

The BioFlourish website is a lot more personal than most nootropics merchant sites.

The entire thing seems to be written by the owner, Marc Wagner. Marc describes himself as a “medical doctor and nutritional therapist”. He tells us that he was a “high level knowledge worker”, whatever that means, until he contracted Lyme Disease.

Apparently, illness made him a low functioning couch potato. But then he discovered a special blend of nutrients and herbs that put him right back on track.

Obviously, that special blend is BrainFlo.

The whole thing is written in an incredibly conversational style which tells us that Marc is well versed in the art of emotional selling as well as medicine – an impresive man!

Marc personally gives us his “commitment” about BrainFlo and what it can do:

  • Enhanced focus
  • Improved mental “flow”
  • Mood support
  • More mental energy
  • Short and long-term memory support

That’s an impressive range of benefits.

All nootropics claim to enhance focus. Quite a few also promise memory support. But very few claim to also boost mood. Almost none can do all of these things at once.

According to Marc, BrainFlo works because of his special “Restore & Adapt Protocol™”. This is basically his name for the BrainFlo formula.

He makes a great deal of this stack being “physician formulated”, but this is pretty much meaningless.

A doctor can easily make a bad supplement, just as a carpenter can make a cheap, nasty table. Just because they made it doesn’t mean they tried very hard, nor that they cared about the quality of the end result.

So this all sounds great.

The question is; does it really work?

Can BrainFlo really do all of the things it promises?

Is there a better stack on the market for a similar price?

How safe is BrainFlo? What are the side effects likely to be?

Below you will find our complete BioFlourish BrainFlo review. We examine the ingredients, the doses, and the potential side effects. We then consider the stack as a whole and tell you what we think in a concise summary at the end.


BioFlourish BrainFlo Formula

Let’s take a closer look at the BrainFlo formula:


BrainFlo formula


We are normally very skeptical when we see “physician formulated” on a supplement’s label. It is usually the sign of a scam.

But the BrainFlo formula is a pleasant surprise.

It’s actually fairly good!

There aren’t any bogus, over-hyped substances in here.

No nasty, synthetic brain drugs.

No fillers, and no dead weight.

Rather, BrainFlo is a well balanced combination of excellent natural memory and focus boosters.

It contains some of the most effective natural nootropics in existence.

Of course, there are some problem areas. There are severa things that could be improved here.

On the whole, BrainFlo is far from a market leading stack. The strengths are many, but the weaknesses here are serious indeed.

That said, we think you could do a lot worse than BrainFlo.

Let’s get into this in more detail. Here is a breakdown of what we like and what we don’t like so much.



What We Like

The best thing about BrainFlo is undoubtedly the fact that it exclusively uses effective ingredients.

Many stacks today are packed full of over-hyped garbage that makes the formula sound exotic but does very little for your cognitive functioning.

Well, BrainFlo isn’t like that.

It is one of the very few nootropic supplements to only use ingredients that have been proven to work in clinical studies.

Take Alpha-glycerophosphocholine for example (the correct spelling is Alpha-glycerylphosphorylcholine – doesn’t inspire much confidence about Dr. Marc’s chemistry knowledge).

This choline compound is better known to many as Alpha-GPC.

It is an incredibly powerful and fast-acting focus and clarity enhancer.

Alpha-GPC confers choline to the brain very efficiently. Once there, it is used to make acetylcholine.

Acetylcholine is a vital neurotransmitter, involved in operations ranging from memory formation to muscle contraction (it is sometimes called the ‘learning neurotransmitter’).

Alpha-GPC quickly increases acetylcholine levels in the brain, while also conferring many secondary benefits – learn more from our discussion of the best cholinrgics.

The only ingredient able to more effectively increase focus, mental clarity and lucidity is CDP-Choline.

This really is a premium ingredient, used exclusively by serious nootropic stacks.

Alpha-GPC can also enhance lucid dreaming. If you don’t want to have more lucid dreams, perhaps opt for CDP-Choline instead!


BrainFlo ingredients Rhodiola rosea


Another example of a top quality ingredient here is Rhodiola Rosea.

This is, in our opinion, the most effective natural anxiolytic on the market.

Rhodiola rosea reduces feelings of stress and anxiety. Its effects are acute; it can get to work right away making you feel more relaxed and at ease.

It is also suitable for regular, long-term supplementation, meaning that it can be used to keep you stress free for prolonged periods (for instance, during a run of deadlines at work, or during an important chess tournament).

This allows you to keep your mind sharp and focused on what is important.

Together, these ingredients can make a profound difference to your cognitive function in both the short and long term.

The other ingredients also have the ability to make their mark, but we don’t have space to discuss them at length here.

Instead, we need to move on to something much more important: the fact that BrainFlo doesn’t dose these ingredients properly, preventing them from fulfilling their potential.


-See Our Full Guide On Rhodiola Rosea-



What We Don’t Like – Poor Dosing!

Despite the many great ingredients in BioFlourish BrainFlo, their power is held back by frugal dosing.

Even the best ingredient can’t do you much good if you don’t use enough of it.

Alpha-GPC, for example, can significantly improve your cognitive function. It can increase concentration, attention span, and your mental clarity, but only if you consume the minimum effective dose, which is usually regarded as above 100mg per day.

To get the real benefits of Alpha-GPC, you need to use more than 100mg per day.

To see a real difference in your cognitive capacity, we recommend upwards of 200mg per day.

BrainFlo contains just 83mg.

That is far less than you will find in many other stacks which contain this potentially potent brain booster.

We don’t think 83mg is going to have a big impact on your focus, attention span, or clarity of thought.

The same is true of the other great ingredients in BrainFlo.

Ginkgo Biloba is another great natural nootropic that is seriously under-dosed in BrainFlo.

It works by increasing blood flow in the brain.

By improving cerebral blood flow, Ginkgo Biloba allows for better greater delivery of oxygen and nutrients to your brain cells.

Improtanrly, it dos this without increasing systemic blood pressure. This is a relief, although Ginkgo Biloba is possibly unsuitable for some people. We’ll discuss that in the side effects section.

However, Ginkgo Biloba is usually consumed in amounts exceeding 60mg.

Most stacks that include it will use about 75mg per day.

Standalone supplements use as much as 100mg per dose.

Once again, we see that BrainFlo falls well short of the mark; each serving provides just 40mg.

These ingredients have the potential to drmaamtically improve cognitive function in both the short and long term.

But they are left under-powered, and that’s a real issue for us.

If you agree that these nootropics can benefit you, you probably want them to work!


-The Real Effect Of Sugar On The Brain-



What Are People Saying? – BrainFlo User Reviews

We don’t think you can put too much stock in independent customer reviews.

But it’s always worth having a look at what people having been saying about a product before you buy.

Here is a selection of BrainFlo user reviews. Some were taken from the official website, others from Amazon. We’re not saying we believe any of these more than others; use your own judgement:


BrainFlo customer reviews


BrainFlo user reviews


BrainFlo user experiences


BrainFlo negative review

BioFlourish BrainFlo Side Effects

Our main issue with BrainFlo is that the ingredients aren’t dosed high enough to really work. While it only contains top quality, effective, proven nootropics, they can’t do much good if you don’t take enough.

Well, the silver lining there is that side effects are highly unlikely with this stack.

The ingredients themselves aren’t known to cause serious side effects when taken in sensible doses.

They certainly aren’t known to cause side effects when taken in such small amounts.

On the whole, we think 99% of you will experience no side effects whatsoever from BrianFlo alone.

Of course, everyone is different.

Ginkgo biloba may not be suitable for you depending on your medical history. This product works by expanding the blood vessels in your brain, allowing for greater blood flow.

But if you have a history of stroke or aneurysms, this is probably not something you want to be messing around with!

It is important to consider your own particular circumstances and to do your own research before taking unusual herbal extracts.

We aren’t doctors. Just becaue this stack looks safe to us doens’t mean it’s safe for everyone. The best way to stay safe is to talk to your regular family physician. ONLY A DOCTOR CAN GIVE YOU PROPER ADVICE ABOUT STAYING HEALTHY!


BrainFlo Review Conclusion – With A Try?

BrainFlo is definitely a good quality nootropic stack.

It isn’t a scam, it isn’t a cheap rip-off supplement, and it isn’t full of dangerous, synthetic brain drugs.

Instead, it contains some of the best natural nootropics in the world.

These ingredients together have the ability to reduce stress, improve brain cell nutrient delivery, and enhance focus in the short term.

But note the word “potential”.

For them to do these wonderful things, they need to be dosed properly.

Sadly, most of the best ingredients in BrainFlo are dosed well under par.

The best ingredients are dosed under the minimum amount we think necessary to get any real benefit out of them.

There’s less than 90mg of Alpha-GPC in here.

Today’s leading stacks will typically include more than 200mg of a potent cholinergic.

Standalone Ginkgo Biloba supplements will contains upwards of 75mg per serving. BrainFlo gives us 40mg.

This isn’t a bad supplement by any means.

It’s just fairly weak as far as premium nootropic stacks go.

BrainFlo Review – A Good Nootropic From BioFlourish
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