Natural Nootropics Are Now Widely-Used By College Students

We’ve Ranked The Best Supplements For Studying In 2017


At colleges and universities across the world, students are turning to supplements to help them get through their final exams.

More students than ever are using purpose-designed substances to help them blast through their last 3 weeks before their dissertation is due. 

Unfortunately, many students are using powerful, synthetic study drugs to achieve the results they are looking for. It is not uncommon for university pupils to use things like Modafinil, Ritalin, and even hard, illegal stimulants to make their final exams or project deadlines more manageable. 

We say unfortunately, because these drugs almost always do more harm than good. 


Best Supplements For Studying 2017


Pharmaceuticals like Modafinil do produce an extremely powerful, dramatic change in cognitive function. But this change is not predictable in any sense of the word. It is often very “narcotic” in feeling; it can make you say and do strange things, removing your inhibitions, and rearranging your priorities.

Ritalin can make you focus on your assignment, yes, but it can just as easily make you spend 5 precious hours investigating something completely unrelated to the matter at hand. 

Basically, it can be much more of a distraction than a crutch. 

That’s why natural nootropics are becoming a popular choice for more serious, intelligent students who cannot afford to ruin their final coursework handover or their last few exams by gambling on a wildly unpredictable drug. 

So, to help you find the right supplement for you, the one that will actually help you perform better when you need to be mentally on top of your game, we’ve ranked the 3 best supplements for studying on the market today. 


Top 3 Nootropics For College Students


Any natural nootropic used for studying will need to meet some very specific criteria. 

It will need to provide all of the following benefits:

  • Help staying focused under pressure
  • Memory enhancement
  • Sharper focus and greater concentration
  • Increased mental stamina

That’s quite a big ask. Only the most comprehensive supplements will be able to deliver on all of these points.

But for a supplement to really make a difference to your studying, it needs to provide these benefits. 

And we’re only interested in supplements that will actually make a tangible, meaningful difference to your studying. 

So, without further ado, here is our list of the 3 best nootropics for studying in 2017. 



The 3 Best Supplements For Studying 2017


#1 – Mind Lab Pro

(The All-Rounder)


Best Nootropics For StudyingWe are massive fans of MLP on this site. Our entire review team took this stuff for months and experienced:

  • Greater mental energy levels
  • Enhanced focus
  • Better mental performance under acute strain


This is currently the nootropic of choice for our editor, as well as for several members of our review team.

Mind Lab Pro made the top of this list because it is the quintessential ‘all-rounder’ nootropic stack. It does everything listed above; heightens focus, reduces stress, and enhances memory recall. it is particularly effective at supporting cognitive function while you are under severe mental strain.

Mind Lab Pro is a comprehensive stack, but thanks to the high quality of the extracts used it is as potent as it is wide-ranging. It is also stimulant-free, meaning that you can crash when you need to. it also lacks the unpredictable side effects of other stacks laden with stimulants. 

Main Benefit: Boosts focus and memory while suppressing anxiety

Main Drawback: Could use a little more Tyrosine

Full Review: Read Now



#2 – MOD Gaming Supplement

(The Kick-Starter)


Best supplements for studying 2017 MODWhile MOD was specifically designed for professional gamers, the benefits it delivers could just as easily serve someone looking to do some crash studying, or someone who needs to put in some extra hours in the library to get an assignment finished:

  • Rapid increase in energy
  • Improved focus
  • Better performance under stress


MOD Gaming Supplement was designed, as you might have guessed from the name, for gamers. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t belong here. 

The benefits that MOD is known for are just as useful for someone in need of a rapid mental energy and focus boost, help staying mentally wired for hours on end, or someone who needs to put their brain on overdrive for a short period of time. 

MOD is not the stack for those of you looking for an edge during your whole exam season or a semester. But it is perfect for those of you looking for a fast-acting lift in your focus and mental stamina. 

Main Benefit: Begins working almost immediately

Main Drawback: Not suitable for frequent or long-term use

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#3 – Free Mind INSIGHT

(The Anxiety-Killer)


Best study supplements 2017 INSIGHTINSIGHT provides many of the same benefits as Mind Lab Pro. While it is a less potent focus-booster, we think it is likely to have more of an effect in the area of stress-reduction and healthy sleep promotion. Users can expect the following:

  • Greater focus while under stress
  • Decreased anxiety
  • More restful sleep


INSIGHT is marketed specifically as a vegan nootropic, but it is not simply a vegan alternative with nothing to offer omnivores. It is a superb nootropic in its own right, and it actually ranks as #2 on our list of the all-round best nootropics o the market today. 

The reason it is ranked as #3 here is because we feel that most of the benefits it provides of specific interest to students are also provided by Mind Lab Pro. However, it is still a powerful cognitive enhancer and it still has a lot to offer college students.

The main benefit that INSIGHT offers to a greater degree than other nootropics is its ability to significantly reduce feelings of anxiety and stress. INSIGHT promotes feelings of calmness while allowing you to stay focused, motivated, and concentrated on the task at hand while you are under acute mental and physical strain. 

This makes INSIGHT the ideal choice for many students, particularly those for whom focus and memory function are not the primary concern, but overcoming the focus-draining anxiety which surrounds exams and deadlines. 

Main Benefit: Powerful anxiolytic

Main Drawback: Contains a couple of ingredients that offer little value (but not many)

Full Review: Read Now



Best Supplements For Studying
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