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  • Huge serving of Alpha-GPC
  • Good serving of Phosphatidylserine


  • No genuine memory-enhancers
  • Elevated side effect risks
  • No long-term brain growth support

AZOTH Review Summary

As you will notice from the dearth of AZOTH reviews out there, this is a brand new nootropic to hit the market, but it is almost certainly going to become one of the most widely-used over the next few years.

All things considered, this is a pretty effective nootropic. AZOTH has a balanced formula full of very effective cognitive enhancers.

It does have weaknesses of course. Some ingredients could be better, there is no long-term memory support, and it contains Hordenine which is known to cause serious side effects if mis-used.

That said, anyone looking to improve their short-term cognitive function could do a lot worse than AZOTH nootropic.


Where To Buy AZOTH

Whenever possible we recommend buying directly from AZOTH LLC.


Full AZOTH Review


We first came across AZOTH on Amazon. We noticed that there wasn’t a single AZOTH review on the official merchant page, yet many professional supplement blogs were giving this stuff high scores.

AZOTH has just been launched to the public but it is already making a strong impression on industry professionals.

Obviously then, we had to get our own AZOTH review done asap.

So, what is AZOTH nootropic supplement supposedly designed for?

What does it claim to do?


AZOTH review


AZOTH is a nootropic stack from AZOTH LLC. We think these guys are going to be a one product outfit for the forseeable future since their main product has the same name as the company itself.

According to the bottle, AZOTH is a “triple strength” nootropic formula.

AZOTH’s advertisements make it clear what this product is all about:


AZOTH claims


“Get sh*t done” – that certainly gets the point across.

The bottle also lists 4 main benefits that users can expect from using AZOTH:

  • Focus
  • Memory
  • Motivation
  • Confidence

It is very rare for a nootropic to explicitly promise to make you more confident. It is hard for a nootropic to make you feel more at ease in stressful situations, but it is possible.

We would certainly expect a nootropic with such good reviews to be able to improve focus, memory and motivation.

The question is whether it can actually enhance these aspects of cognitive function in a meaningful, deep, and lasting way.

Some nootropic stacks just papoer over the cracks, treating the surface symtpoms and not the causes.

So where does AZOTH stand?

Can it deliver?

Is AZOTH safe?

Does AZOTH really work?

How does it compare to the other nootropics on the market today?

Let’s find out. Here is our full AZOTH review. We look at the ingredients used, the serving sizes, and any dangers associated with them. We also look at what other people have been saying about AZOTH.

If you finish the review and you still have some questions, please don’t hesistate to post them in the comments section at the end.


AZOTH Formula

Let’s take a look at the AZOTH formula. Here is the label showing the ingredients and serving sizes:


AZOTH formula analysis


We shouldn’t need to praise this, but it is great that AZOTH LLC are confident enough to list their formula in its entirity. Many manufacturers hide their garbage formulas behind proprietary blends. AZOTH uses cellulose to encapsulate its ingredients too, which means it is vegan-friendly.

This is a very interesting formula.

It’s indeed a very unique formula; we don’t come across this same mixing of ingredients very often.

As with every formula, there are things in here that we aren’t too happy about.

However, there is much more about the AZOTH formula that we are happy about.

That is truly unusual.

On the whole, we think this is a good formula as far as effectiveness goes. Users can indeed expect to see improvements in their focus, motivation and mental energy.

There isn’t much in the way of memory support here.

There is nothing to promote long-term memory function.

There is no support for long-term brain adaptations.

There is also a very serious side effect concern.

We’ll go over all of this in greater detail. Here is an overview of what we like about AZOTH and what we don’t like so much.


What We Like

There is a lot ot talk about here.

The main underlying benefit of AZOTH is that the ingredient selection has been very good on the whole.

For instance, the main cholinergic used here is Alpha-GPC.

This is one of the most efficient ways to increase acetylcholine availability in the brain.

Acetylcholine is often referred to as the ‘learning neurotransmitter’. By increasing acetylcholine availability, you allow the brain to function at maximum capacity; your ability to digest, comprehend and retain information increases significantly.

The 300mg of Alpha-GPC in each serving of AZOTH is more than we need to see the benefits of this amazing cholinergic. Actually this is a more generous serving than you will get in even very high quality stacks.


Phosphatidylserine AZOTH useful ingredients


We also get plenty of Phosphatidylserine in every serving of AZOTH.

This is a great ingredient; it should really be included in any stack that positions itself as a comprehensive cognitive enhancer.

PS is a phospholipid found in greta abundance in the human body. It is an integral component of cell membranes. Without sufficienct PS availability, your body simply can’t make all of the cells it would like to (to put it very simply).

That applies to brain cells too.

This is why PS supplementation has been so thoroughly proven to positively influence cognitive function.

For example, this study found that daily 300mg phosphatidylserine supplementation over 6 months improved performance in cognitive tests among people showing some signs of mild cognitive impairment.

Perhaps more impressively, this study found that just 2 weeks of PS supplementation was able to improve calculation speed.

Be aware that this study looked at a particular brand of PS supplement and there may be some financial involvement from the company in question.

Tyrosine is also a great addition to any stack.

This humble amino acid has been shown in numerous clinical trials to significantly improve cognitive function when subjects are placed under acute stressors.

This makes it a popular choice among athletes who need to stay focused when it matters most.


What We Don’t Like

There are some aspects of AZOTH that really disappoint us.

Some ingredients really hold this stack back.

If AZOTH LLC had just left out certain ingredients then this would undoubtedly be a better nootropic supplement.

If they had chosen alternatives that are more effective or less side effect prone then this could have been one of the best nootropics on the market today.

But unfortunately these problems are present in the AZOTH formula.

For starters, we really wish that AZOTH didn’t contain any Hordenine.

Hordenine is a molecule with with adrenergic-like properties. It used to be very common in diet pills.

It has obviously bee included here due to its stimulant properties; indeed, it does seem to give most people an energy kick.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t improve focus or mental clarity in a qualitative way.

Not only that, but it is known to have a relatively high risk of causing side effects.

It is massively under-researched, especially in humans.

It also doesn’t seem to be as effective as more common stimulants like caffeine.

Since the only benefits it seems to offer a nootropics enthusiast is an energy boost, we don’t know why any manufacturer would use hordenine rather than the safer, better-understood and more effective caffeine.

If you want to improve your focus, mental energy levels and clarity without taking in any stimulants like hordenine, you best avoid this stack.

If safety is a concern at all, we advise people to stay away from hordenine.

Sure, many people may think it is very safe, but it offers no benefits that you can’t get from caffeine, which is much better understood and far more predictable.


AZOTH ingredients Hordenine problems


Another big downside here is the fact that AZOTH doesn’t contain anything which will support long-term memory function.

Here we look for things like Bacopa monnieri.

In our opinion, this is a must-have for any truly comprehensive, professional-quality nootropic supplement.

We now know that Bacopa monnieri is able to improve memory function in a deep and lasting way.

Bacopa monnieri takes about 10-12 weeks to really start having an effect. But when it does begin to take effect, it really makes a big difference.

Not only that,but as we explain in this article, the effects of Bacopa monnieri seem to just get stronger over time.

The fact that AZOTH doesn’t contain any bacopa monnieri is a major flaw.

We also don’t have anything to promote long-term brain adaptation.

Many of the best stacks on the market today, such as Mind Lab Pro or Modafy, contain ingredients which support actual brain development, growth, and adaptation.

The ingredient the two aforementioned stacks go for is Lion’s Mane Mushroom. As explained in this article, LMM can actually promote brain nerve cell growth.

Over a long enough period of time, this will result in a more efficient, effective, and powerful brain.

What can be said to be better for cognitive function than actually enhancing the hard-wiring of the brain?!


Ashwagandha AZOTH stack ingredients


As mentioned at the start of the formula review, we also think some ingredients in AZOTH could be swapped for more effective alternatives.

We’re mainly looking at Ashwagandha here.

Ashwagandha is usually supplemented for its supposed anxiolytic properties.

This means that it is thought to help reduce stress and anxiety.

It does actually seem to be able to do this, but its effects are not particularly powerful, and they do not seem to be effective for everyone.

Generally speaking, serious stacks will instead use Rhodiola rosea.

This stuff has some pretty unquestionable scientific backing. It is incredibly effective for keeping you calm and focused while you’re under acute stress.

Importantly, it has been shown to actually protect cognitive function in stressful situations, rather than just sedating you.

Rhodiola rosea is, as far as we’re concerned, the gold to Ashwagandha’s silver.

For a stack that wants to compete with the big boys, your anxiolytic isn’t something to skimp on.


Overall Thoughts On The Formula

Overall, we think this is a good formula which should bring about genuine improvements in cognitive function.

It should work pretty well for a lot of people.

The generous servings of Alpha-GPC and Phosphatidylserine are the big benefits, no doubt.

However, the AZOTH formula is also beset with some pretty serious problems.

There’s nothing to specifically improve memory function.

The formula isn’t very long-term focused. There’s nothing to improve long-term adaptations in the brain, and any improvements in memory are likely to come from increases in focus.

The absence of Bacopa monnieri, Ginkgo biloba, Lion’s Mane Mushroom and Rhodiola rosea are all very noticeable.

Some ingredients could also be much better.

Perhaps the biggets problem holding AZOTH back is the fact that some ingredients pose serious side effect risks. The worst offenders here are Huperzine A and Hordenine.

This brings us neatly onto the side effects section of our AZOTH review.


AZOTH Side Effects

AZOTH does pose a relatively higher risk of adverse effects than other high quality stacks on the market today.

Huperzaine A needs ot be cycled. Otherwise, it will eventually cuase side effects. If Huperzine A is used for a long period of time without a sufficiently long break, these side effects will just get worse and worse.

We explain all of this in our dedicated Huperzine A guide.

With all that said, AZOTH does also pose relatively lower risks than many nooropics currently in use today.

AZOTH also contains Hordenine.

This is a popular substance among hardcore nootropic enthusiasts. But we have seirous doubts about its safety.

This has always been a common ingredient in the kind of diet pills you see advertised on late-night TV. Hordenine has some stimulatory properties which may suppress appetite. Hence why it is found in so many horrible diet supplements.

Hordenine seems to be more dangerous than the likes of caffeine while doing pretty much the same thing.

It has not been thoroughly researched in humans.

Using Hordenine therefore seems pretty pointless to us. Why expose yourself to an under-researched, potentially dangerous substance when a cup of coffee will achieve the same results?

At the end of the day, it is absolutely vital that you talk to a qualified health professional before using supplements like AZOTH nootropic. Do not rely on medical advice you read online. If you think you have a genuine problemw ith cognitive function, consult a real doctor first!


AZOTH Review Conclusion – Is It Really That Good?

If you haven’t read our full AZOTH review but instead have skipped to this conclusion, we’ll try to give you all the information you really need in as few words as possible.

Basicaly, we think AZOTH is capable of delivering real improvements in cognitive functiton for a large number of users.

It contains some great ingredients and the doses look good to us.

However, it also has some serious issues which prevent it from being one of our top rated nootropics.

First, it contains ingredients that make it unsuitable for long-term use. These ingredients have relatively high side effect risks and in the case of Huperzine A, cycling is required.

This isn’t great if you want to use a nootropic on a daily basis.

Some ingredients could be swapped out for other, more effective substances.

There are also some pretty glaring absences from this formula.

For a substance which claims to promote memory function, there is a major lack of substances known to do just that.

There’s nothing to support brain growth and development.

There’s nothing to promote deep and meaningful memory improvements.

There’s nothing to encourage brain blood flow.

There’s little in here to prevent oxidative damage to the brain.

These are big omissions from a nootropic stack that wants to be considered a professional-quality, comprehensive supplement.

We think you could do a lot worse than AZOTH. But could you do better? Absolutely.

AZOTH Review – Not Worth The Hype!
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