Alpha Brain

Alpha Brain

Value for Money

7.0 /10

Formula rating

7.8 /10

Risk of Side Effects

7.8 /10


  • Can and should be taken regularly
  • Boosts mental energy in a gradual, sustainable way
  • Quickly enhances lucid dreaming


  • Not as powerful as other pre-made stacks
  • Individual ingredient doses not provided
  • Small proprietary blends decrease value for money

Alpha Brain Review Summary

Alpha Brain is a really solid supplement. A great ingredient list and what seem to be very consistent user reviews make Alpha Brain an excellent choice for anyone looking to try their first cognitive enhancer.

Unfortunately, the use of proprietary blends mean that other products represent better value for money, even if there is little to no chance of it being full of fillers. 

I have personally tried this stuff, and in my opinion it’s a sound choice for people looking for a professional quality, effective and reliable brain supplement. 

Where to buy Alpha Brain 

Alpha Brain is sold on Amazon, but when buying consumables like supplements, it’s always best to buy directly from the manufacturer.

The Onnit online store gives good discounts for multi-purchases, so check them out before you buy. 


Full Alpha Brain Review

Chances are, if you’ve been looking for a safe, natural nootropic, you will have come across Alpha Brain. Alpha Brain is a kind of ‘all in one’ nootropic; it claims to support cognitive function in a number of important ways, including:

  • Supporting creative thinking and fluid thought
  • Higher quality sleep and lucid dreaming
  • Rapidly boosting mental energy
  • Helping you stay focused for hours

Alpha Brain is manufactured by Onnit Labs, who make a wealth of other natural supplements to help with cognitive function, mood, health and performance.


Alpha Brain from Onnit labs is a powerful natural nootropic


It is the company’s premier product, and the quality of their products is generally quite good, so we are right to expect a great deal from Alpha Brain.

I took Alpha Brain for a spin, doing my best to keep an open mind, and to not expect too much despite the hype.

Here’s my review; it’s definitely worth reading if you’re a student, busy executive, or just a hard worker looking for a natural, safe way to improve your brain power.


 What does Alpha Brain claim to do?

For me, Alpha Brain is definitely a holistic nootropic. Its ingredients are predominantly geared towards clearing mental fog, facilitating creative thinking and problem solving, enhancing your ability to focus, and encouraging REM sleep.


Alpha brain review - focus and clarity


The herbal extracts and the presence of 500% of your RDA of B6 combine to give you a palpable mental buzz, allowing you to harness all of your mental energy in a natural, safe manner, which in turn helps you focus on the task at hand.

All of this is accompanied by greater memory speed and much more lucid dreaming (if you take it a few hours before bed).

The combination of these effects makes for an incredibly powerful, comprehensive, ‘all-in-one’ natural nootropic, perfect for students or executives wanting a little help when burning the midnight oil.

Alpha Brain verbal learning studiesOnnit are very keen to support their products with scientific research. Their website points to a number of studies conducted on the use of Alpha Brain to improve memory and verbal reasoning.

If you do a little digging, or if you contact Onnit, you can find the original studies for yourself.

It is rare to come across a supplement company willing to put their products under the microscope, and to base their claims on cold, hard data.

This is largely because it is difficult to show causation when someone’s test scores go up, or when they are just “feeling” much better. The graph shown here, however, is pretty difficult to argue with.


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Alpha Brain Ingredients 

Alpha Brain is absolutely full of high quality, effective ingredients. The manufacturers have really struck a great balance between mental energy, clarity of thought, and overall brain health in designing this formula.

With the amounts listed on the label, this product should be able to give you a sustained improvement in cognitive function when you need it most, without any nasty side effects.

Without further ado, here is the Alpha Brain ingredients list, as shown on the product label:


Alpha Brain natural nootropic review


At first glance, Alpha Brain seems to break the cardinal rule of good quality supplement manufacturing; no proprietary blends!

However, on closer inspection, each proprietary blend is broken down into its constituent parts.

The individual components of each blend are reliable cognitive boosters in their own right, and the absence of any “fillers” means that you are definitely getting some decent bang for your buck.

Here are the key ingredients of Alpha Brain and what they do:


Alpha Brain review ingredients; cat's claw


AC-11: Cat’s Claw extract, produced using a unique hot water extraction and molecular sieving process. This Amazonian herb is packed full of antioxidants not usually available in the diet, along with numerous immune-supportive compounds and cleansers. One study found that Cat’s Claw supplementation leads to enhanced DNA repair and immune system responses.


Huperzina A: Also known as clubmoss, this plant gives Alpha Brain its Huperzine A content. Huperzine A is a powerful inhibitor of acetylcholinesterase, an enzyme responsible for the breakdown of acetylcholine. For those of you who are new to nootropic supplementation, acetylcholine is a ubiquitous neurotransmitter.


Alpha GPC: This is probably Alpha Brain’s key ingredient. Alpha GPC is an incredibly effective choline prodrug. It is a far superior and more efficient form of choline than more common variants, such as choline bitartate, with a much better absorption rate and a more readily usable structure. While the Huperzine A in Alpha Brain prevents acetylcholine from being broken down, Alpha GPC elevates brain choline levels, encouraging the production of acetylcholine. Numerous clinical trials have shown it to be reliably and potent at slowing mental decline.


Bacopa Monniera: Ancient herbal medicine of the Indian subcontinent, this extract has now received a lot of backing from medical science. There is nothing mystical about its nootropic properties, of course. It simply acts as a powerful anti-oxidant, helping to protect your brain from toxins and cell damage.


L-Theanine: Theanine is both an amino and a glutamic acid, first synthesised from green tea in the first half of the twentieth century. It has long been touted as an “entry level nootropic”, and with good reason. It is safe, effective for almost all users, and pretty comprehensive in its applications.


Phosphatidylserine: Last but by no means least, this component of brain cell membranes has been shown time and again to slow the onset of mental decline. You can find more details on this ingredient on the Natural Nootropic ingredients page.


When taken together on a regular basis, these ingredients should work together to give you a sustained, real improvement in cognitive function.

More importantly, each one seems to be well balanced with the others. For instance, Theanine can help you stay relaxed yet alert while Alpha GPC gets to work ramping up your brain’s communicative capacity.

No one ingredient should be able to overpower any of the others, giving you an all-round boost in brain power.

On top of all that, the presence of phosphatidylserine means that Alpha Brain encourages efficient neural tissue growth. This means that your brain will have everything it needs to adapt to a heightened state of activity for the long-term.

If you want enhanced focus and concentration for months rather than hours, with no side-effects, then Alpha Brain looks like it is probably the product for you.


Visit the Alpha Brain Website


What are people saying about Alpha Brain?

Like a lot of pharmaceutical grade, herbal supplements, Alpha Brain has a lot of “celebrity endorsement”. While this may not tell us a great deal about the product, it tells us that there is at least something to it. Nobody would put their name to a scam.


Alpha Brian testimonial Joe Defranco


Alpha Brain nootropic review from Joe Rogan


The Alpha Brain CEO Aubrey Marcus is also pretty open to public attention, which is definitely a good sign for any supplement company. We know that this stuff isn’t coming out of some guys garage! He gives interviews on his product regularly, and does not shy away from putting his face out there:


Alpha Brain CEO testimonial


The Alpha Brain website is also full of verified customer reviews (scroll to the bottom).

Not all of them are fantastic (some people complain about the price and delivery), but that just makes the good ones more valuable in my eyes.

Here’s a review taken from The reviews on here are normally both legit and pretty honest. This guy attests to the fact that, while the effects take a while to kick in, they are excellent when they do:


Alpha brain honest customer review


Duskin had a similar experience:


Alpha Brain review natural alternative to prescription nootorpics


More reviews just like this can be found on, or on any of the supplement forums out there for that matter.

The glowing reports are certainly not limited to celebrities and bodybuilders. Major news outlets have even dedicated some time to reviewing this product, and the results have, thus far, been overwhelmingly positive.

Check out this article from The Atlantic, which is a prime example of someone benefiting in a very subtle way from taking Alpha brain for just a few days.


How I took Alpha Brain

I started off taking one capsule of Alpha Brain in the morning, but I didn’t seem to be getting an awful lot from it. I then upped my dosage to two capsules taken with breakfast, and the positive effects quickly became noticeable.

I did this until all 90 capsules were gone. The label states that nobody should take more than three capsules daily; the suggested dose is one or two capsules with breakfast.

I would always recommend starting with the minimum dosage and working up from there.


My experience with Alpha Brain 

As I said, at first, I noticed very little. I was feeling less drowsy in the afternoon, but I put that down to the fact that I had stopped eating such enormous lunches. I was taking the minimum dosage of one capsule, and I was having that immediately after waking up. I decided, therefore, to up the dosage. What a decision that was.


Natural memory enhancement supplements


I started taking two capsules with my breakfast, and almost immediately I began to notice a difference. It was subtle, but it was there.

Not only was I now no longer feeling a little foggy after lunch, but my drive and concentration seemed to increase rather than ebb as the day went on.

I was able to order everything in a much more methodological manner, and then approach it with renewed drive and energy, which reflected in the quality of my work. It isn’t that I was transformed into some kind of automaton; rather, everything just seemed simpler, and easier to compartmentalise.

After about 30 days of supplementation, I was able to reflect on just what a solid product this really was.

My memory seemed to be filling up all those gaps that I created during a well-spent youth, and I was better able to immerse myself in productive work of an evening, when previously I had been quite content to relax after work with a beer and an episode of The Wire.

I always found it quite difficult to keep my eyes open if reading after work or training. After a while of taking Alpha Brain, I was genuinely quite content to read, write, listen to lectures, and do all those necessary little life admin jobs right up until I eventually went to sleep.

For me, during sleep is when Alpha Brain went from being a useful pick-me-up to a powerful nootropic.


Alpha Brain facilitates lucid dreaming by making more acetylcholine available


The two pronged approach to increasing acetylcholine levels in the brain (by taking Huperzine A and Alpha GPC simultaneously) means you will likely experience some incredibly lucid dreams when taking Alpha Brain.

I didn’t notice anything until the third day of supplementation, but when I did, it hit me like a tonne of feathers.

I lay down in bed, and felt instantly relaxed. I began to drift off, but I was distinctly conscious of the fact that I was falling asleep; I could feel each stage of sleep beginning, until eventually I was out like a light. I had some incredibly vivid yet soothing dreams, and woke feeling fresher than ever.


Side effects of Alpha Brain

I took the recommended dose for 90 days initially, and experienced no side effects whatsoever.

I did have quite a few lucid dreams towards the end of the 90 days, but lucid dreaming is something that I personally rather enjoy, aside from the fact that it is immensely healthy for you to get some good quality REM time.

As with any nootropic, even a natural product life Alpha Brain, you do still need to monitor yourself and desist all supplementation if you experience any unwanted side effects.

Everyone has their own little allergies and intolerances, so just beware that you are taking some new compounds on board, even if they are antioxidants. Consult with a doctor before taking anything that isn’t found naturally in your usual diet. You never know how you might react.


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Alpha Brain Price

Alpha Brain is a very reasonably priced natural memory enhancer and cognitive performance supplement.

Considering how effective and safe it is, it really should cost more. You also get the standard “multi-buy discount” and the satisfaction guarantees that I’ve come to expect when buying nootropics. You can get it straight from Onnit, which is always reassuring.


Alpha Brain Review Conclusion

This is, in my opinion, a fantastic nootropic. It seems to me like it is perfectly suitable for use all-year-round, and for any level of experience using nootropics.

After trying it myself I genuinely believe that Onnit have made an effective nootropic that genuinely delivers what it says on the label.

That might just be true for me, but somehow I doubt it.

Unlike other products that claim to make you Rain Man but actually just give you a few mg of sugar, this product promised me enhanced cognitive function, quality antioxidants, and mental energy, and that is precisely what I get.

The inclusion of phosphatidylserine means that Alpha Brain also likely contributes to long-term potentiation, meaning that the benefits of taking it can last well beyond the time that you actually take the supplement on a daily basis.

In terms of value for money this really is a good supplement.

The price tag carries a massive discount if you’re buying multiple bottles, which is obviously the standard marketing ploy used for products that become more effective with time, but it is good nonetheless.

Alpha Brain Review
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