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  • Contains 2 synthetic brain drugs - MAJOR SIDE EFFECT RISKS
  • Noopept can be counter-productive
  • Other 2 ingredients boring - will have little effect


NEURO DEFEND Review Summary

NEURO DEFEND is described as a “nootropic brain formula”, and indeed that is what we get here. However, it is not a natural nootropic at all, as we can’t recommend this to our readers.

As you will learn if you read our (admittedly short) NEURO DEFEND review, it combines 2 pretty boring nootropic substances with 2 synthetic brain drugs.

We don’t think anyone is well suited to using Noopept or Phenylpiracetam. These are dangerous and unpredictable lab-made brain drugs. Some people swear by them, but that doesn’t mean they will work for you. The dangers and costs massively outweight potential gains here.



It seems that NEURO DEFEND needs to be bought directly from the manufacturer. However, it’s difficult to know who that really is. There are plenty of scammy-looking sites out there pointing you to a merchant page.

We wouldn’t give any of these sites our credit card details. Neither should you in our opinion!



If you’ve found your way onto this NEURO DEFEND review after searching for one, then chances are you’ve seen this stack advertised on a scammy-looking website sidebar and it grabbed your interest.

We think NEURO DEFEND looks like a particularly dodgy brain pill.

Made by a company called ADVANCED NUTRITION, it is primarily sold through old, single-page websites that use the exact same theme as so many other bogus brain pills out there.

There are several websites using its name in the URL, all of which direct you to a “limited itme only” deal.

This always rings alarm bells.




NEURO DEFEND is described as a “nootropic brain formula”. Apart from that, we don’t get much in the way of details on the bottle itself.

If we go to one of the websites using the NEURO DEFEND name, we can see some more specific benefits being promised:

  • Sharpened memory
  • Increased physical energy
  • Increased attention span
  • Greater focus

That’s a pretty standard range of benefits to expect from a nootropic stack.

If a stack fails to deliver any of these we would actually be pretty disappointed.

What’s worrying about the NEURO DEFEND website (if this is the official website) is that it talks a lot more about the various deals, offers, and money back guarantees than it does about the product.

That’s always a bit of a concern for us; it usually is a hallmark of a scam nootropic.

But we can’t just dismiss this nootropic out of hand. We need to do a full NEURO DEFEND review, looking at the formula, the likely side effects, and more. Only then can we have a good idea of what this nootropic is all about.


It actually took us a while to find a reliable image of the NEURO DEFEND formula (another red flag). All we could manage to dig up was a 100 pixel square image of the label. Here it is:


NEURO DEFEND formula analysis


We know, pretty unhelpful right?

In case you can’t make that out, here is a list of the 4 ingredients and their doses:

  • Theanine (150mg)
  • Choline Bitartrate (150mg)
  • Phenylpiracetam (50mg)
  • Noopept (15mg)

We were expecting a pretty terrible formula, but we weren’t expecting to see 2 extremely powerful synthetic brain drugs in NEURO DEFEND.

The NEURO DEFEND formula consists of 2 fairly unremarkable natural nootropics, and 2 pharmaceutical grade study drugs.

The two boring ingredients, theanine and Choline bitartrate, do indeed have nootropic properties. Yet they are dosed very low here, and they do not have that much power anyway.

To get any effect from them, we would need to see about twice as much theanine and about 4 times as much choline bitartrate.

Even if dosed properly, you’ll get lmited benefits from these substances.

But the biggest problem with this formula is without doubt the fact that it contains Noopept AND Phenylpiracetam.

We advise all of our readers to stay well clear of EITHER substance.

But to include them BOTH IN THE SAME STACK?!

That is just downright irresponsible in our opinion.

What Are Noopept & Phenylpiracetam – Why Are They So Dangerous?

Phenylpiracetam is part of the racetam family.

It is essentially just piracetam with a phenyl molecule added to make it more readily absorbed and utilized by the body. As such, we will mainly talk about piracetam here and not phenylpiracetam specifically.

Piracetam is an extremely potent brain drug, as you will learn from reading this article.

It is not permitted to be sold as a dietary substance in the US, and in the UK it is only available on prescription for a very specific illness.


NEURO DEFEND contains Piracetam


It is a synthetically manufactured derivative of GABA. For this reason, it is often used to lower inhibitions, elevate social confidence, and provide a mild boost to cognition. However, it does not actually seem to work like GABA, so those using it for these purposes are wasting their time.

It is hypothesized that Piracetam increased neuron excitability, which would lead to an increase in cognitive function. However, this is yet to be thoroughly proven.

One thing that is fairly well established is that Piracetam improves the function of acetylcholine, the ‘learning neurotransmitter’.


NEURO DEFEND main ingredient Piracetam


But as far as we can tell from the literature, these effects, when they do occur, are limited to older people with cognitive problems.

Not only that, but all of these potential benefits are far outweighed by the dangers in our opinion.

Noopept is perhaps the strongest nootropic on the market today. It seems to be very similar to Piracetam in how it works in the body. Indeed, it is a dipeptide conjugate of Piracetam (although it is not a racetam).

The difference is largely one of potency: Noopept has been found to be almost 1000 times more potent than Piracetam.

That’s 100,000% stronger.

Keep that in mind.

Many people love Noopept. They use it regularly, and some even use it for the prescribed 50 day cycle limit before taking a break and hopping back on as soon as the break is over.

We think this is extremely dangerous.

We strongly advise you to read this article on Noopept before you consider using it.

Many people online will tell you that they use it all the time, that it works, and that it is safe.

They’ll tell you that it boosts focus, memory, and confidence without negative side effects.

We advise you to take this for what it is: anecdotal, limited evidence.

Let the science and actual medical doctors guide your decisions, not online strangers.

Let qualified physicians and a body of medical research literature tell you what is and isn’t safe.


-Why Natural Nootropics?-


There are serious side effect risks asosciated with NEURO DEFEND use.

Noopept and Piracetam ahve their own individual dangers.

Yet they are not usually consumed together at the same time.

NEURO DEFEND comes with no warnings about maximum length of cycle, when nobody should use Noopept for more than about 50 days before taking a seriously long break.

We don’t think you should take either of these substances at all.

But if you do, we certainly don’t think you should take them both at the same time.

Talk to a qualified doctor before you use something as powerful and potentially dangerous as Noopept or Piracetam. How these two drugs would interact, we have no idea. They are not usually taken together!


-Is Noopept Really Dangerous?-


NEURO DEFEND Review Conclusion

Our NEURO DEFEND Review is essenitally us warning you to do serious research about Noopept and Phenylpiracetam before you even consider using this nootropic.

That’s because the other two ingredients won’t do a thing, while the two mentioned above might do you some serious harm.

We honestly believe that these synthetic brain drugs are dangerous, unreliable, and often useless anyway. They can be counter-productive, or they can just fail to work when you need them to most.

Of course, they can also have serious negative conseuqnces for both your cognitive function, your mental health, and your physical well-being.

We really don’t think there is any need to use such substances when there are natural, relatively safe alternatives that deliver very similar results with greater reliability.

Most importantly, these natural alternatives do not usually carry the same list of potential dangers as both Piracetam and Noopept.

Please be careful before using these drugs. If we haven’t convinced you to leave them alone, then please give your doctor a chance to do so before continuing.

NEURO DEFEND Review – A Scam If We Ever Saw One!
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