Value for Money

3.0 /10

Formula Rating

4.0 /10

Risk of Side Effects

2.0 /10


  • Serious side effect concerns
  • Useless ingredients
  • Small proprietary blend


Addieup Review Summary

Addieup is obviously trying to capitalize on consumer awareness of Adderall; an extremely powerful and depressingly popular prescription brain drug containing amphetamine analogues.

But the similarity between Addieup and Addreall end at the name. Addieup contains a small number of effective nootropics, lots of potentially dangerous stimulants (some of which are banned in the UK, Canada, and elsewhere), all thrown together in a blend that is so small it is impossible for the good ingredients to all be dosed properly.

We try not to throw the word “scam” around, but in this case we really have no other choice. You can do a lot better.


Where To Buy Addieup

Addieup is sold through a very professional-looking official website. However, we think a name linked to a prescription ADHD drug is always a warning signal. Be careful here!


Full Addieup Review


Addieup is a strange one. One half of the nootropics market has never heard of the stuff, and the rest can’t believe everyone doesn’t know this name.

Addieup has primarily focused its marketing efforts on local TV, regional radio, and affiliate websites. As such, you’ve probably either heard of this stuff a great deal or not at all.

After seeing quite a few very positive Addieup reviews online, and after seeing that this product was supposedly “seen” on CBS, ESPN Radio, and a host of other channels, we knew we had to do our own review.


Addieup review


According to the bottle, Addieup delivers some pretty amazing things:


We like to see manufacturers being ambitious, and this is certainly ambitious.

Only the best stacks ont he market today can deliver all of these benefits at the same time and without causing side effects.

According to the official Addieup website, this nootropic is currently used by students, business executives, and athletes alike.

We therefore expect to see ingredients in the Addieup formula which benefit all of these people.

So, let’s not waste any more time and get right into our Addieup review. First we take a look at the ingredients list, the doses used (if we know them), and the risks associated with said ingredients.

We’ll also look at what other people have been saying about Addieup.

If you don’t have time to read the whole thing, just skip to the conclusion at the end. Please post all questions in the comments section below and we’ll get back to you asap.

Addieup Formula

Addieup can make all the promises it wants, but if the formula doesn’t stand up to scrutiny, then we don’t want anything to do with it.

Here is the Addieup formula:


Addieup formula


Well, that is seriously disappointing!

We can’t quite believe how many problems we see in the Addieup formula.

This is almost a perfect storm of bad formula creation.

We have a tiny proprietary blend.

We have some potential ‘space filler’ ingredients.

We have some useless ingredients.

Most worryingly, we have some serious potential side effect concerns.

Taken together, that is not a very promising nootropic.

Let’s get into the main issues one by one in a little more detail.


Small Proprietary Blend

First of all, there’s the small proprietary blend.

Proprietary blends are just fundamentally problematic.

We see it as a manufacturer saying “you don’t get to use your brain here, just shut up, do as we say, and give us your money.”

They stop you from using your knowledge of supplements to inform your buying decisions.

They also mean we don’t know for sure if there is enough of a certain ingredient to have an effect.

That is seriously suspicious as far as we’re concerned.

There is no good reason for a manufcaturer to hide their formula. The best supplements on the market today all share their individual ingredient doses, and they manage to make truckloads of money.

When they hide this info, then, we’re forced to conclude that they have something to hide.

The tiny blend size actually makes it impossible for all of the ingredients to be dosed how they need to be dosed for you to benefit from using them.

For example, Addieup contains Alpha-GPC.


addieup ingredients alpha gpc


This is a superb nootropic, capable of rapidly increasing your focus, mental clarity, and ability to learn.

But it is only useful when consumed in amounts exceeding about 200mg per day.

Any less than that, and you won’t get a fraction of the benefits associated with Alpha-GPC use.

Below about 100mg per day, and there’s no point really taking it at all.

We aren’t told how much Alpha-GPC we get in each serving of Addieup, so we are forced to conclude that we aren’t told for a reason.

Alpha-GPC is relatively expensive, so it wouldn’t be surprising for a manufacturer to skimp on this nootropic in favour of cheaper substances.

Taken as a whole, it is pretty much impossible for all of the ingredients ot be dosed how they need to be.

If Alpha-GPC was dosed at about 200mg, then we’d only have 150mg of blend left to go around.

Theanine is usually dosed above 150mg, so that would leave us with .5mg left to split between 5 more ingredients.

You get the picture.


Potential Fillers

Addieup contains some ingredients which could easily be being used to bulk out the formula.

Theanine, for example, is pretty cheap and harmless when consumed in relatively large quantities.

Addieup could easily contain 300mg or more of theanine.

This would allow the manufcaturer to cut back on the more expensive ingredients, keeping costs to a minimum, while still listing them on the label.

Theanine is a good addition to a comprehensive nootropic stack.

It works synergistically with caffeine, attenuating its less desirable effects while heightening its focus boosting properties.

But it isn’t a powerful nootropic in and of itself.

It isn’t something we want ‘leading’ a stack. It isn’t something we want to be paying a lot of money for, since it is found in abundance in green tea anyway.


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Serious Side Effect Concerns

Arguably the main problem with Addieup is that it is full of stimulants and synthetic brain drugs known to cause side effects.

For example, Addieup contains DMHA.

This is a stimulant which is widely used in diet pills and pre-workout supplements.

It is structurally similar to DMAA; a performance enhancing substance banned in both the UK and Canada due to serious health risks.

DMHA is thought to boost both noradrenaline and dopamine levels.

However, not only has this effect not been robustly proven in the lab, but DMHA has never been proven to be safe for regular human consumption.


Addieup ingredients banned UK, Canada, Asutralia


We aren’t sure what constitutes a “safe” dose of DMHA.

Currently, 100mg is thought to be a good compromise between safety and effectiveness.

But there could be as much as 350mg in Addieup; a dose highly likely to cause serous side effects.

Potential side effects resulting from DMHA use include a massivley elevated heart rate, high blood pressure, and heart arrhythmia. Shortness of breath is not uncommon, as is profuse sweating.

To put it another way, DMHA is not something you want to be playing around with – CERTAINLY NOT IN UNKNOWN DOSES!

Octopamine is another substance usually found only in scammy “fat loss” pills you see advertised online or on local TV stations.

This stuff is an organic chemical very similar to norepinephrine (a hormone and sometime neurotransmitter sometimes called noradrenaline).

It is thought to mobilize fat cells in the body, causing significant fat loss in a short space of time.


Octopiamine Addieup ingredient analysis


However, like DMHA, there isn’t any evidence that this actually happens in humans who consume Octopamine.

But there is evidence that Octopamine causes a rapid rise in blood pressure and pulse rate; two signifciant short term risk factors for stroke and cardiac arrest.

Octopamine is usually available by prescription only, where it is legal and used at all.

This is another ingredient that has no place in a nootropic.

It is another ingredient you want nothing to do with, especially in unknown doses.

Neither DMHA nor Octopamine have any known nootropic properties. They are used in slimming pills or bodybuilding supplements, not brain boosters. They are dangerous, and should not be consumed in mystery doses (or at all in our opinion).

Another potential problem is Noopept. This is a synthetic brain drug similar in action to Piracetam.

We have written about Noopept in great detail here; we advise you to read this article before experimenting with Noopept.

Noopept lowers your inhibitions, reduces stress and anxiety, and has a mild stimulatory effect.

However, in our opinion Noopept is far too unreliable and unpredictable to be a good choice for most nootropics users.

Noopept use can easily backfire, lowering your inhibitions a little too much, or producing side effects which range from headaches and nausea to paranoia and confusion.

At least one redditor has had some terrible experiences with Noopept.

With benefits that can be achieved with other substances, we don’t see why you would use Noopept.


Useless Ingredients

As mentioned above, DMHA and Octopamine are stimulants commonly used in scammy and dangerous weight loss pills.

They aren’t nootropics.

They have no known nootropic properties.

They have no place in a supplement claiming to be a cognitive enahncer.

We think the manufacturer just had some ingredients leftover from another venture, or they were able to get these exotic sounding substances for very little money.

However, there are other substances in here which not only have no place in a nootropic, but which have no known function whatsoever.

Synephrine is often used in pre-workouts and fat loss accelerators today.

It is claimed that it is similar to ephedrine in structure, which manufacturers use to imply that it works in the same way as this powerful fat burner.

Sadly, structural similarity means very little; compare water to hydrogen peroxide.

In reality, synephrine doesn’t do anything.


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Addieup Side Effects

We discussed the most serious side effect risks regarding Addieup use above.

We strongly recommend you go up and read the “Serious Side Effect Concerns” section before you even consider buying this stuff.

With a proprietary blend, there are always risks involved since you don’t know how much of each ingredient you are taking.

But with Addieup, these risks are just far too great in our opinion.

The Addieup formula contains multiple stimulants and one synthetic brain drug.

We implore you to do serious research into these substances before you think about using them.

It is absolutely vital that you talk to a qualified doctor before you use Addieup. Do not rely on advice you get online from strangers, and do not assume that one person’s experience will be anything like yours. Addieup contains potentially harmful stimulants. Talk to your regular physician today!



Addieup Review Conclusion

We strongly advise you to read our full Addieup review before you make up your mind about this supplement.

There are lots of serious risks to consider before you purchase this “nootropic”, if it can seriously be called a nootropic.

This is not a supplement we think you can just walk into blindly.

That’s mainly because it contains multiple stimulants usually found in scammy diet pills and “hardcore” bodybuilding weight loss supplements.

These ingredients have no known nootropic properties; they are usually taken to help with fat loss (and even then, they don’t seem to be effective).

Addieup also contains Noopept, which can easily backfire. Since you can get all the benefits of Noopept and none of the risks from other substances, we advise our readers to stay away from this stuff.

We don’t know how the best ingredients are dosed. But since the formula is only 350.5mg in total, it is almost impossible for all of the good ingredients to be dosed properly.

We think you can do a lot better than Addieup, regardless of your specific goals.

We also think this stack presents far too many risks for our readers to seriously consider it over today’s best nooropics.

Addieup – Legal Adderall? Not A Chance!
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