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1st Phorm MatserBrain Review Summary

MasterBrain is a nootropic stack split into two distinct parts: the AM stack and the PM stack. As you can guess, one stack is designed for use in the day, while the other is designed for taking just before bed. 

We took a good look at each product, and then looked at the stack as a whole. 

Unfortunately, the proprietary blends in this formula mean that we can’t recommend it to anyone serious about getting the most value for money out of their nootropics. The composition of some blends also raises serous concerns about side effects. Better stacks are available. 


Where To Buy MasterBrain

As always, we recommend buying your nootropics directly from the manufacturer. With a price tag as large as the MasterBrain stack, it’s best to buy direct so the manufacturer is more accountable for your customer satisfaction. 


Full MasterBrain Stack Review


MasterBrain is a combined nootropic stack designed to give you, in the words of the manufacturer, enhanced “memory retention and recall”, as well as “all day razor-sharp focus”.

It is a combination of two products: MasterBrain AM and MasterBrain PM.

Both products are manufactured by 1st Phorm, who make a very wide range of supplements, covering sports performance, testosterone boosters, and general health supplements. They also make other supplements designed to support mental performance, such as fish oil. 


1st Phorm MasterBrain Review


Although they make two nootropic products, a quick look at their website tells us that their focus is clearly on making supplements that support or enhance physical performance. 

So, what is the MasterBrain stack all about?

The idea behind the 1st Phorm MasterBrain stack is that the AM and PM stacks compliment one another.

The AM stack helps supercharge your cognitive function as you go about your business. It targets things like short-term memory function, mental clarity, mental energy, and alertness. It is designed to work like most pre-made natural nootropic stacks: improving your cognitive performance and work output in a sustsainable, subtle way, 

The PM stack is designed to support overall bran health. Part of the way it does this is by promoting a restful nights sleep. 

Getting enough high quality sleep is essential for proper brain functioning. Lots of people get many hours sleep, but it isn’t always quality sleep. It is during deep sleep that your body (brain included) replenishes and grows. 

Being half-awake does you very little good. Getting 10 hours of restless, draining snoozing can even harm your cognitive performance. 

The 1st Phorm MasterBrain stack therefore aims to help both halves of the equation: boosting your performance while you’re awake, and helping to create the best possible conditions for brain performance by improving the quality of your sleep. 

That sounds like an incredible supplement. But the question is: does it really work?

Can MasterBrain really make you “on top of your game so you can get the most out of your day”? Will MasterBrain PM promote a deep and restful night sleep? Does MasterBrain AM enhance cognitive performance?

What about side effects? What are other people saying about the MasterBrain stack? Is there anything better out there?

We’ll try to answer all of these questions in our comprehensive 1st Phorm MasterBrain review, which you will find below. If you have any questions, please post them in the comments at the end of this post. 


MasterBrain AM Formula

Before we begin dissecting the MasterBrain AM formula, here is the full ingredient list as it is presented on the manufacturer’s website. This should be exactly as it appears on the bottle:


1st Phorm MasterBrain AM Formula Review


The gelatin capsule used to deliver MasterBrain AM means that this product is not suitable for vegetarians or vegans, or anyone who doesn’t want to take gelatinous cow bones with their coffee every morning.


Formula Review

We no longer feel the need to really explain why we have such a problem with large proprietary blends that contain ingredients that are highly dose-dependent. 

It goes without saying that proprietary blends are often used to disguise cheap production costs. If a manufacturer wants to make it look like their product contains lots of a very effective (and therefore very expensive) ingredient, they can simply throw in a few tiny milligrams, fill up the rest of the blend with an amino acid, and let the customer’s imagination do the rest. 

We’re not suggesting that the manufacturer has done that here, but there is another reason why customers should avoid large proprietary blends, especially if they contain dose-dependent ingredients like caffeine, Huperzine A, and Bacopa monnieri. 


Alpha GPC MasterBrain Ingredient


These ingredients can do wonders for improving cognitive output, but taken in minuscule doses, they can’t do very much at all. In excessively large amounts, they can be quite harmful.

If you take a natural nootropic stack that doesn’t tell you the exact quantities of these ingredients that you are taking, then you have no idea how you have really re-acted to them. This denies you the right to learn from your experiences with a supplement, and to use those experiences to inform your future supplementation. 

For instance, if MasterBrain doesn’t work for you, you don’t know if it’s because it doesn’t contain enough Bacopa monnieri, because it doesn’t contain anywhere near enough Alpha-GPC, or because those substances simply don’t work for you.

You may therefore assume that the ingredients in MasterBrain don’t do anything for you, when in fact they have simply been aggressively under-dosed. You may end up abandoning two substances that can revolutionize your cognitive abilities. 

The same is true of the converse scenario: when ingredients have been massively over-dosed. 

Say you start getting feelings of anxiety while taking MasterBrain. You may look at the formula and decide that caffeine anhydrous is the culprit. You might then swear off the stuff forever. But if the caffeine anhydrous has been dosed very high, as it might be in MasterBrain AM, you could be swearing off a potentially powerful nootropic for no good reason. When used recklessly, it can kill your cognitive capacity, motivation, and sleeping pattern. . When used responsibly, caffeine anhydrous can be a powerful brain booster.

Put quite simply, we need to know the precise serving sizes for each ingredient before we can get any real value out of a pre-made natural nootropic stack.

The only thing we would like to specifically point out is the fact that Huperzine A should not be taken in large amounts. The fact that it could potentially be dosed in the milligrams in MasterBrain is worrying. We would like to see an assurance on the bottle that it is dosed in the micro-grams, but unfortunately, there is no such assurance. 


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MasterBrain PM Formula

Here is the full ingredient list for MasterBrain PM. Again, this should be exactly how it appears on any bottle you might purchase:


1st Phorm MasterBrain PM Formula Review


Like with MasterBrain AM, MasterBrain PM is enclosed in a gelatin capsule. This means it is not suitable for vegetarians or vegans.


Formula Review

The proprietary blends used in MasterBrain PM are much less of an issue than the blends pose in MasterBrain AM. 

There are far fewer ingredients splitting the dosage, so there is less chance that any single one of them has been wildly over or under-dosed. 

The ingredients themselves are also less worrying if they have been dosed rather highly; that is, when compared to caffeine anhydrous, Huperzine A, and so on. 

Yet we still face the same dilemma: there is no way for you to discern whether the benefits or negatives of MasterBrain PM are caused by any single ingredient, or all of them, because the effectiveness of each of them depends on their dosage. 


MasterBrain PM Ingredients Review


The inclusion of Alpha-GPC in a nootropic stack is always to be welcomed, but the fact that it is also contained in MasterBrain AM means that we need to be a little careful. 

Alpha-GPC is a superb natural nootropic. It is one of our favourite substances for increasing cognitive output. It is fantastically well-tolerated, and seems to be safe for pretty much everyone when used responsibly.

However, like almost all nootropic compounds, taking too much can cause side effects. Most commonly, people taking far too much Alpha-GPC will experience severely hampered cognitive abilities: thinking will feel ‘fuzzy’, your memory will become sluggish, and your focus will waver.

Since we don’t know how much Alpha-GPC is in either MasterBrain AM or MasterBrain PM, we are faced with an elevated risk of over-dosing.  


5HTP Serotonin MasterBrain PM Nootropic


The inclusion of 5-HTP is also a little puzzling. 

5-HTP is touted as a natural mood elevator. 

However, it is generally only useful for those people who have problems with serotonin uptake/production. 

If you don’t have a problem with serotonin levels, then 5-HTP wont really do a great deal for you. 

Substances such as Rhodiola Rosea and Ashwagwandha are much more effective at combating the things that you are more likely to be dealing with: anxiety, pressure, stress, and so on. Luckily MasterBrain PM contains both Ashwagandha and Rhodiola Rosea.


MasterBrain Stack Ingredients Review

Despite our strong reservations about the proprietary blends in MasterBrain, it’s worth looking at the individual ingredients of both stacks. 

The key ingredients in MasterBrain AM are actually great on the whole. 

When taken together in appropriate doses, they can deliver huge improvements in almost every aspect of cognitive function.

Bacopa monnieri is known to dramatically improve memory function when taken regularly for as little as 10-12 weeks. These improvements are deep and lasting, with several clinical studies showing a quantifiable, noticeable improvement.

Alpha-GPC is a superb cholinergic, as mentioned earlier. It reliable and quickly raises choline availability in the brain, which in turn allows the brain to synthesize as much acetylcholine as it needs. Acetylcholine is the neurotransmitter involved in working memory, focus, and learning. Boosting its availability is crucial if you want to maximize the amount of difficult, complicated work you are able to do in a short space of time. 


Phosphatidylserine MasterBrain AM Ingredient Review


Phosphatidylserine is a fat-like compound found in great abundance in the human brain. Without sufficient phosphatidylserine, your brain will not be able to maintain its own physical structure.

Deficiency is being liked with age-related cognitive decline (but not diseases like Alzheimer’s or dementia). Supplementation is not necessary for everyone, but it is great to see this in a professional, pre-made nootropic stack. 

The ingredients int he energy blend are indeed capable of delivering enhanced focus and mental energy. 

Caffeine is one of the most potent stimulants on the planet. It is capable of diminishing the feeling of fatigue, allowing you to work for much longer, while keeping you alert and focused. 

Theanine helps take the edge off the side effects of caffeine while accentuating its beneficial effects. 

The ingredients in MasterBrain PM are also effective at delivering on the promises made by the manufacturer on behalf of this sleep and relaxation supplement. 

In particular, the inclusion of Ashwagandha Root Extract and Rhodiola Rosea is good to see. 

Both of these ingredients, when dosed appropriately, are able to deliver anti-anxiety and anti-stress effects in humans without creating any kind of intoxicated feeling that accompanies other anti-anxiety substances. 

Rather, they help diminish the perception of stress and anxiety in a subtle, calming way, while actually encouraging clear thinking and steady focus. 


Do The Stacks Work Together?

Whether or not this stack works well as a whole depends entirely upon individual ingredient serving sizes. 

The individual stacks are, in theory, very capable of delivering the benefits claimed by the manufacturer. 

They shouldn’t interact adversely with each other, so long as each one contains only a moderate dose of Alpha-GPC, and assuming that the cycling protocol is followed precisely. 

When you get a good night sleep, you can get more out of your nootropic stacks. As such, these individual supplements should feed one another, enhancing the results you are able to derive from them. That is, of course, assuming that the good ingredients are indeed dosed appropriately. 

However, we simply can’t answer this question with confidence without more information. This isn’t a fantastic position to be in as a customer. 


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What Are People Saying About MasterBrain?

Fortunately, there have been quite a few video reviews of MasterBrain done over the past year or so. Here is a selection:




We are not endorsing these reviews. We are simply posting them here so you have all the information you need at your fingertips. Make of them what you will. 


How To Take The MasterBrain Nootropic Stack

1st Phorm give very precise instructions for taking each part of the MasterBrain stack. Here is a screenshot taken from the 1st Phorm MasterBrain website:


How To Take MasterBrain


So we are told to take MasterBrain AM on a 5 day on, 2 day off cycle. This is no doubt due to the Huperzine A content. If we take Huperzine A continuously, we end up having a bit of an acetylcholine build-up, which can inhibit cognitive function and cause other side effects, like headaches. 

We are also told that we need to drink a minimum of 16oz of water with each serving. 

It is really important that you follow a manufacturer’s instructions precisely when taking nootropics. Do not take over the recommended daily limit, no matter how much you think you can handle it!


MasterBrain Side Effects – Should You Be Worried?

The fact that MasterBrain uses large proprietary blends as well as substances that can cause side effects at high dosages means that there is a significant risk of side effects when taking this brain supplement. 

We aren’t saying that it definitely will cause side effects; we’re saying it’s impossible to tell whether you will be adversely affected as an individual, according to your tolerance levels and sensitivities, because we don’t have any reliable or accurate dosage information. 

This is not a good thing. 

That said, the fact that MasterBrain mandates a 5 days on, 2 days off cycle should mean that the adverse effects of taking a potentially quite large Huperzine A dose will be minimized. 

As always though, do not take this as a go-ahead for you to start taking MasterBrain. 

You should consult with your doctor before taking any new supplements. This is particularly true if they contain unusual or exotic substances that are known to exert a psycho-chemical effect.

Just because some people don’t experience any side effects from taking the MasterBrain nootropic stack does not mean that you wont. Talk to your doctor!


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1st Phorm MasterBrain Stack Review Conclusion

The ingredients in this combo stack have the potential to do everything that MasterBrain says it can: enhancing focus, clarity and mental energy, and promoting healthy sleeping patterns and overall brain health. 

However, as with all genuine natural nootropics, the efficacy of all the main ingredients is highly dependent on serving sizes. 

If 1st Phorm MasterBrain listed all of its individual serving sizes, then we could potentially be extolling this as a superb natural nootropic stack. 

But as explained above, proprietary blends bring a number of problems that it is difficult to get around. 

As such, we think it’s fair to say that your money will be better spent on a supplement that contains some of the best ingredients found in MasterBrain, but one which also provides you with very exact dose information. 

1st Phorm MasterBrain Review
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