Are You Using Your Brain To Its Full Potential?

For the vast majority of the population, the answer is: probably not

If you want to boost your mental performance, improve your memory, and give yourself added drive and focus, then nootropics really are the way to go


Best Natural Nootropic Stacks 2016 Mind Lab Pro


Nootropics are not a new phenomenon.

Creative professional, researchers, students and executives all over the world have been using specially formulated brain supplements to gain the critical edge that they need to stay ahead of the pack for years.

More people are learning about the potential benefits of brain supplementation every day. 

As more people make nootropics a part of their daily supplement regime, the industry is continually coming up with more effective and potent products to help with everything from mood to memory function. 

But what about consumers? How are first time buyers supposed to know genuine supplements from duds? 

This page should hopefully help everyone, from first time nootropics buyers to seasoned users, find the right pre-made nootropic stack for their needs. 


Citicoline vs Alpha-GPC



Professionally designed brain supplements can:

  • Improve your ability to think clearly, quickly, and creatively
  • Significantly enhance your memory
  • Provide a lasting boost to mental energy
  • Encourage deep sleep and lucid dreaming


They do this in a number of ways:

  • Increase the production of neurotransmitters
  • Provide the brain with the vitamins and fuel it needs to be more active
  • Support long-term brain growth and development
  • Act on certain receptors in the nervous system to reduce stress


In our opinion, these are the three best choices for anyone wanting to jump right into the world of nootropics in 2017:



  • Mind Lab Pro
  • $48.75 (60 caps)
  • Our Rating: 9.4
  • Stimulant Free Energy
  • Long-term Benefits
  • Enhances Memory
  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • Worldwide Shipping
  • 30 Day Guatantee
  • Modafy
  • £39.90 (90 caps)
  • Our Rating: 8.2
  • Contains Caffeine
  • Long-term Benefits
  • Enhances Memory
  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • Shipping Varies
  • 14 Day Guarantee
  • MOD
  • $39.90
  • Our Rating: 7.8
  • Contains Multiple Stimulants
  • Long-term Benefits
  • Enhances Memory
  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • Worldwide Shipping
  • 1 Year Guarantee


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*An overview of each of these products can be found below. Some of the links to the Onnit site in this article are affiliate links. This means that I receive a small commission from Onnit if you buy certain products after visiting my website. 


How To Spot a Top Supplement


Any old pill can give you a bit of a kick-start in the morning.

Low quality nootropics tend to be loaded with caffeine and other stimulants, as this gives the impression of improving brain function immediately.

We all know that a few cups of strong coffee can make you feel like you’re working at 100mph, but chances are, you’re just a bit jittery and unable to concentrate properly.

Top nootropics won’t do that.

Effective brain supplements will take a bit longer to kick in, usually anywhere from 2 hours to 2 days. However, when they do, they really get to work.

Professional quality nootropics will build up gradually in the system, ramping up brain activity day by day without relying on stimulants or side-effect laden drugs.Bacopa Monnieri in alpha brain makes it best natural nootropic

Once a sufficient amount has built up in the system, you begin feeling like you are operating on another level 24 hours a day.

Synthetic brain drugs like Modafinil will force the brain into an unnatural and unsustainable over-worked state.

By comparison, advanced nootropics improve cognitive performance in a subtle, more useful way.

The very best nootropics will support long-term potentiation. This is where your synapses become stronger as a result of the increased activity they are experiencing.

This means that the best supplements will give you benefits in the long term as well as the short term.

This stands in sharp contrast to cheap brain pills that give you a sudden boost in mental energy and then leave you feeling groggy and tired. Great provide a sustained increase in cognitive performance and memory. They are meant for long-term use, with effects getting stronger over time.

Put simply, as far as my brain supplementation is concerned, nothing else will do.



Top 3 Nootropics For 2017

Here’s a full overview of the best nootropics on the market today. These are my personal favourites and are, in my opinion, the most complete nootropics available. I have listed them here in order of reader popularity.


#1 MindLab Pro (reader’s choice)

Mind Lab Pro best natural nootropic


I take Mind Lab Pro on a daily basis and experience:

  • Enhanced memory retention and recall
  • Increase in speed and lucidity of thought
  • Significant increase in ability to stay focused


This is now my daily nootropic stack of choice. I take it every morning with a DHA supplement and a hot cup of coffee. It has been incredibly effective for me, not to mention our entire review team, and the results keep getting better. 

Ideal for: Executives, students and creative professionals who need to stay on top of their game for months on end. 

Main benefit: Works quickly and cognitive performance rapidly reaches a sustainable, lasting peak.

Main downside: Only available from the manufacturer.

Price per month: $48.75

All of our reviewers have now tried this stack and found that it delivered real, lasting cognitive benefits. If you’re looking for a safe, reliable and effective natural nootropic, check out our full review and see if Mind Lab Pro is right for you!


-Read Full Mind Lab Pro Review-

Visit the Mind Lab Pro Website


#2 Modafy

Modafy Nootropic Stack Review

Modafy’s potent formula offers the prospect of:

  • Rapidly improved focus
  • Heightened mental energy
  • Long-term gains in memory and cognition

Anyone who keeps up to date with the natural nootropic stacks market will be unsurprised to see Modafy featured here.

It’s a brand new stack that is quickly gaining a reputation as a great nootropic, and with good reason.

It’s formula has the potential to give users significant improvements in mental performance in both the short and the long term. 

Ideal for: People looking for a rapid mental boost during times of stress and intense mental activity.

Main benefit: Lots of Alpha GPC, and some Lion’s Mane for long-term potentiation. 

Main downside: Caffeine content may be too much for some users. 

Price per month: £39.99


-Our Full Modafy Review-


#3 MOD Elite Gaming Supplement



MOD Gaming Supplement ReviewMOD is designed to deliver specific, powerful benefits:

  • Huge increase in mental clarity and focus
  • Rapid, sustained increase in mental energy
  • Reduced stress and performance anxiety


While this supplement is designed specifically for serious, professional gamers, it offers benefits to anyone in need of a very short-term, instantaneous ‘pick-me-up’ that goes beyond a caffeine boost. Programmers, designers or writers with looming deadlines, chess players, and anyone else who needs to concentrate for long periods of time.


Ideal for: Anyone looking for a serious and sustained boost in energy and focus.

Main benefit: Begins working instantly, but does not produce a ‘crash’ like energy drinks. 

Main downside: Not great for regular, long-term use due to caffeine content.

Price per month: $39.90

-Our Full MOD Gaming Supplement Review-


The 3 Best Brain Supplements

11 thoughts on “The 3 Best Brain Supplements

  • 2016 at 12:15 pm


    Nice article…

    Nootropics are playing their role really well by giving effective results to many. Actually, almost everyone who has used Nootropics has experienced great results.

    I really benefited through your writing. I thank you and keep these good articles coming.

    Andrew Wolosik

    • 2016 at 2:29 pm

      Hi Andrew,

      Thanks for the kind words! Glad you find our articles useful. We do our best to give people good advice that they can actually use when making buying decisions – well, what we think is good advice anyway!

      I see from your email address that you’re a manufacturer. Would you like one of us to do a review on your products?

  • 2016 at 2:02 am

    Could i take all 3 products together as a stack….

    • 2016 at 3:59 am

      Hi Alis,

      I don’t think that would be a good idea at all really.

      These three stacks contain many of the same key ingredients, and the manufacturers have dosed these ingredients quite precisely. Taking all of these products together means that you will be taking a lot more of these ingredients than is necessary, which will be a waste of money and increase the risk of you experiencing side effects.

      To put it simply, when you’re taking any supplement, take it exactly as the manufacturer says you should take it, and don’t start mixing it with other products that may interact with it. Safety should always trump every other consideration when it comes to the supplements you use.

  • 2016 at 4:53 am

    Hi there!Great reviews,I’am also taking Mind Lab Pro I just want to know what particular brand of fish oil do you take alongside with MLP.

    Best regards,Mar

    • 2016 at 3:44 am

      Hi Marlo,

      I don’t think the exact brand matters when it comes to run-of-the-mill supplements like fish oil, but I can tell you that I now personally take algae oil. Algae is where the fish get their omega 3s from, so I prefer to just cut out the middle man. The algae oil that I take actually gives me more DHA and EPA than the cod liver oil I was taking previously, and I’m sure many brands will offer the same thing.

      If you don’t like the sound of algae oil, look into krill oil. We’re just finishing our page on krill oil now as it happens. Lots of people take that stuff over fish oil because they believe that cod liver oil will contain many of the pollutants commonly found in bigger fish like cod, tuna and salmon. We’re not convinced this actually happens, but again, it’s something to do some research on.

      Best regards,

  • 2017 at 2:56 pm

    Very nice list and review! I personally use Alpha Brain and find it to be amazing brand and product. I first started taking it two months ago when I read about it [on Supplement Science] and in the beginning I was a bit skeptical, but now I can say that it is great, and gives amazing results!

  • 2017 at 6:02 pm

    There is this brand complete essentials and they have a product call DNA evolve. Don’t know what you think. In addition I love your review, so much knowledge! I think I’m going to be ordering mind lab pro. Should I take a stimulant like coffee? I work overnight.

    • 2017 at 8:24 am

      Thanks for commenting Sal.

      Whether or not you should drink coffee to help you get through the night really depends on you and how you react to caffeine.

      If I have to work very late then I do personally use caffeine as a prop (although it’s more usually green tea). I just find that I can get to sleep easier after a few cups of green tea than coffee, but it still keeps me awake for longer.

      The best thing to do is to try it and see how you go. Start with a small cup at the start of your shift and drink more/less depending on how you react.

  • 2017 at 7:21 pm

    Hey, nice list. I just recently found out about Mind Lab Pro. What are your thoughts on this product?

    • 2017 at 5:43 am

      Hi Garry,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Take a look at the page you’re commenting on. It is the best pre-made natural nootropic stack we have ever come across. It is our top rated supplement.


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